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Waking constantly through the night Lock Rss

I am the mother of a beautiful 15 & 1/2 month old boy. I am still breastfeeding and can only put him to sleep on the breast which is fine because I see this as our bonding time.
However he is waking every few hours during the night, sometimes with what seems like tummy pains, we can't work out what the problem is.
Even when he doesn't have pains he still wakes, and sometimes I have trouble getting him to go back to sleep in his cot.
I have been told to do the modified controlled crying technique, but this does not work for me as he starts vomiting and we both end up more distressed.
My husband and I are walking zombies and it is causing relationship problems. Please help?



The problem is that he is associating falling asleep with the breast feed and if you still want to breast feed and have that bonding time by all means
that's fine, but you will need to settle him awake into his cot after the feed for him not to associate this with sleep. All babies protest the techniques and his vomiting is to get your attention and it surely works.

I'm not saying you must go down this road if you don't want to, I just want to enlighten you to what the problem is.

Best of luck
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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