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Unexplained Sleep Disturbance Lock Rss

My 1yr old has always been a content and easy baby right from birth and she sleep through the night from about 1 month from the day she was born.

She just turn 1 and for the past 2 weeks (that I can recall) she has been waking up 2-3 times a night crying for no apparent reason.

I assume most of the time that she's hungry (although she is always fed a good amount age appropriate of formula & dinner) so I'd feed her again. Sometimes she will drink and other times only a small proportion of it is consumed.

My next assumption after this is that she might be waking up during the night because she is teething because she's in the process of growing more teeths, but shes got 4 teeths already and never had any difficulty besides the odd waking once at night.

What other reasons could contribute to this sudden change in sleeping pattern?

Please reply.


Hi Phoenix,

Sometimes we just don’t know why babies suddenly change their routine.

I would try not to get into the habit of night feeding at this age, try to resettle her using our settling techniques before this becomes a habit. If you think she might be getting some new teeth use a bit of teething gel to comfort her and you could still use the settling techniques so long as no fever is present.

Cheers Maree

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