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15month old waking all through the night. Lock Rss

Hi there,

I am just needing some advice on my 15month little boy.

Lately he has been waking at least every 2 hours. He has a dummy (which I am trying my hardest to take off him) but I am scared to just go cold turkey on that one....

But I am feeling that I am having no sleep. Most of the time he already has his dummy in but then sometimes he hasn't.

I am at a loss of what to do as we have just found out that we are expecting our 2nd bub and I would love to get him in to a routine before our 2nd treasure comes along.

I am on a routine now but the night time is getting me down at the moment.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards


Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

Hi Tanya,

How do you resettle your son when he wakes during the night?
Let me know.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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