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Short Sleeps During Day and Disturbed Sleep During The Night Lock Rss

My four month old son seems to only have three or for naps a day of exactly 30 minutes duration. I received a sleep settling video recently and with their tecniques of settling his naps have now extended to 50 minutes duration. Is this enough. My health nurse told me he should be sleeping between one and two hours at a time. Is this correct - should he be sleeping more during the day and how would I go about getting him to do same?

Also at night he is very restless. Once I put him down for the night he sleeps for approximately 3 or 4 hours. Then he starts getting restless although he doesn't wake. His eyes are still shut but he will wimper and squirm, kick his blankets off, move up the cradle, and throw his arms about scratching his head. I find I am getting up to him every half hour. Any ideas on what could be happening or why he would be doing this?

Also during the night he still wakes for two feeds, once at approximately 3.00am and the other at 6.00am. I am breastfeeding. Is this normal?

Luckiest Mum In The World


Your health nurse is right but not all babies want to comply to the rules!

Anything under one hour is considered a catnap and can I suggest that you use the settling techniques for 20 mins to try to resettle and if no luck get him up. At 4 months baby will still require one overnight feed and at 6 months you could try a rollover feed to drop this feed. It’s hard not to check all the time when they are a bit unsettled but unless he is crying or you think he might be cold try not to over fuss. It’s a tough job isn’t it!

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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