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we have an 18 month old who wakes during the night. she is in a cot in our room. Some nights (rarly) she will sleep through, but mostly she wakes between 1 and 5 times. She wakes screaming. She is not too hot or cold and doesnt seem to be teething at the moment. As soon as we pick her up and bring her back to bed with us she stops. usually after half an hour we can get her back in the cot until the next time she wakes up, but lately she when you try to put her back down she start again and last night she ended up in our bed just so we could get some sleep.
until this week we have been puting her down asleep at night but have been puting her down awake and letting her cry. My husband has tried not picking ehr up over the last couple of nights and just siting next to the cot and telling her to lie back down but she has cried so much in the last 3 days she is loosing her voice. We need help. And sleep. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Your daughter associates sleep with you, and doesn’t know how to sleep independently. If you want to change this then you will need to teach her. This won’t be easy and she will protest immensely at first but you need to persist. Firstly can I suggest that you put her into her own room to make it work and then you follow the It’s Time To Sleep settling program for 6 to 12month old You would be best to follow it from the DVD if you can.

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Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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