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Cot to bed Lock Rss

My son has just gone into a new room he has slept soundly in there now for a while as we gave him a few weeks to adjust to it by being able to play in there etc.
Currently he is still sleeping in the cot but I'd like to transfer him into his bed before our new baby arrives in a few weeks time.
The first time I put him to sleep in the bed he was asleep within 5 minutes (too easy I though), since then though every time we try to put him to sleep in the bed we end up with a screaming match and I give in and put him in the cot again.
Can you give me some tips on the best way to go about getting him to sleep in the bed all the time.

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Hi Kirsty,

Firstly I wish you all the best with the new bub.

Secondly bribery has great buying power, don't make a battle out of it let him have a wonderful new toy and if he stays in his bed he can have it but if he gets up it must go.

See how you go.

Chees Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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