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I have a 7mth old little girl, who at the moment has trouble sleeping at night. She normally goes down between 7-8pm after her bath and full feed, but latley she's been fighting it and won't go to sleep until really late. When she does go down she'll wakes again about 9 or 10pm then every 2-3 hrs each time for feeds or to be re-settled. Sometimes i have to get her up as she just cries and won't re-settle, she's full of energy and wants to play even though she's really tired. I thought she may be teething but nothing has come through yet, then i thought maybe she has tummy upsets so we went to the doctors to get some medicine. She did have gastro so medicine helped this but we're still not sleeping well. We have the same problem if we're out. She'll be awake the whole time, even though she's tired. She only sleeps when we get into the car to drive home.
I'm getting tired and need some advice. Can anyone relate with us or help us.

Belinda, mum to Tempany


An overtired baby is harder to settle. Can I suggest that you follow our feed/play/sleep routine which will allow you to feed then play then watch for tired signs and act on them using our settling techniques on 'Your Baby's Sleep' page or from the it's Time To Sleep DVBD&Book.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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