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I have a 11 week old baby who cannot sleep beyond 0.5 hr stretches during the day. She usually has no problems settling but cannot seem to be able to stay asleep and wakes up crying in distress. The only way to put her back to sleep then is to rock her in her bassinet, she starts up again if I stop before she is fully asleep - but I'm afraid that that may start a sleep assoc.? She sleeps ok of a night - only waking for feeds (approx 2 to 3 times - breastfed). I'm at a loss as to why she can't fall back into sleep between sleep cycles when she can do it at the beginning of a sleep? And if she has slept for 1 hr and she wakes should I then pick her up or should I try to resettle for the recommended 2 hrs of sleep? She also reacts very strongly to sound and startles herself awake - are there any ways to limit this as wel?l (she is already being wrapped). Any advice would be appreciated - thanks.


Annie, NSW, Emmy 13/6/05, Aidan 11/1/07

Hi Annie,

Anything less than 1 hour is considered a catnap and if you use settling techniques then you should persist with resettling for 20 mins and if no luck get her up and try again next sleep.

If you keep rocking her back to sleep then it is highly likely that this will become a sleep associating (if not already)

Coming up to 3 months you should probably only need to feed baby once during the night soon.

When you are feeding 2 to 3 times during the night how are you getting her back to sleep? Is she falling asleep at the breast? This could be your problem.

Cheers Maree

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