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Not self settling at 9 months. Lock Rss

My 9 month old baby will not self settle.
Each nap i need to cuddle and pat his bottom.
is this going to be an issue? will he eventually grow out of it?

I do not want to do any form of control crying or control comforting. Are there any other suggestions?
I am quite happy to cuddle him and pat him. But i worry about what impact this will have on him.. - check it out

Oh I am in exactly the same boat as you with my 8mth old. I am not into the controlled crying thing either. But I worry that he will have issues later on with getting to sleep on his own. DP jokes that I will still be rocking him to sleep at 15 years old.
I have read some good suggestions on this topic and have decided to start implementing changes this week. Firstly to play with them in their good so they feel comfortable being in their on their own. Putting them down in their cot awake and sitting in their room or holding their hand and every couple of days get further away until you are out of their room. I don't how it will go but just some ideas for you.

Good luck!
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Controlled comforting is definitely a hard program and not for everyone.

The patting and cuddling is his sleep association and so long as you are aware of this and happy to continue with it then there should be no real issues with this at all.

He probably won’t just grow out of it he likes it and this is what he knows. I guess the only issues might be if you have to go to work and leave him in daycare.

Teaching a baby to self settle when they are older always means a protest as it is a change they don’t welcome. There is no easy change answer for you, the idea is he needs to fall asleep in his cot on his own if he is to sleep independently.

I hope this helps
Cheers Maree

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