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A husband to be to have a stripper at his bucks night??

I would be extremely hurt if my DP had a stripper dancing and rubbing all over him, just before we were to marry.

Am I being unfair?

I just dont understand why a man would want to look at another womans naked body, when they are about to marry the person they love?

I would never want to have a male stripper for myself, it doesnt interest me at all.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Dp has laready told me if we get married he wouldnt even dream about havin a stripper
I personally don't mind at all. My husband went to a strip club and so did I. It was hilarious!!!
My dp is the same, I think cause he knows I would hate it, I didnt know if I was being unreasonable.
But I really would be shattered and he knows that so He wouldnt do that to me.

my little sis got me a male stripper for my hens night!!
I was in shock!! It was all just fun and we all just laughed the whole time.
I don't think it would have bothered me if DH had a stripper. I know what sort of person he is and that it would have just been fun. But thats the relationship we have.

Nup. didn't bother me. I totally trust my husband, and I know he isn't going to be turned on by some skank, especially with 100 people watching!
Just a bit of harmless fun in my eyes-a stripper at a bucks night is like a right of passage.
I had g-string waiters at my hens night-I'm not really into strippers all that much (tho one did do a strip for me, due to one of the g-string dude not turning up) was more embarrassing than anything. But funny too.
Strippers aren't really my hubby's thing anyway-but he did have one at his bucks night. Didn't bother me on iota-and he still respects me too.
i wouldnt not like it.cos they seem to do more dirty stuff brother went to a bucks night last week and he said she stuck a lollie pop in her mini and then let his friend eat it.and other stuff i cant repeat.dose he say he is going to have one or he dosent know what his friends are doing for him.
my fiance is having a stipper id organise it to if the need be. plus i know of people. its a thing they have to do on their bucks night its a right of passage i think lol. i may evenbe having a male stipper depends where the hens night will be held. but hey im going to a hens on the weekend will be no stippers same for the bucks night

mele sorry stole your right of passge saying, sorry, but hey it is true
[Edited on 22/10/2007]
Oh no, we arent getting married yet, Im just thinking.

No, he says why would I bother, strippers are a waste of time.

I just wondered what everyone else thought, cause I have alwys said strippers are a big no no.

I would be ok with a regular stripper, but not a XXX stripper. I think it would be disrespectful only if the groom went ahead with it knowing that his bride was not comfortable with it.

Posted by: Liesh Rhylie's mum
mele sorry stole your right of passge saying, sorry, but hey it is true
[Edited on 22/10/2007]

I can see what you're saying but where does this tradition come from??

If you are about to marry the person you love, why would you want a naked dirty stripper taking her clothes off in front of you?

I have to say that it would not worry me either. We trust each other 100% and I know he would have a laugh and never take it futher. Plus at his bucks night (when it happens) I know his mates are excellent people and would look out for one another.

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