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My brother has a son to a previous relationship and due to her being a bit of a cow he didnt see him (not from lack of trying) for 12months. When he finally got her to court she insisted that the child didnt know his dad and shouldnt just be handed over for visits. Mind you he was around 4 when they split and knew exactly who is dad was but anyway the court made my brother go through a couple of months of supervised access and then access where he was allowed to take him for the day but had to return him by 5pm. This went on for about 6 months. Then they went back to court and he was awarded weekends etc.

My point is that the courts probably just wont allow this guy to waltz in and get access. You need to be firm on the fact that she wont know him, it will be unsettling for the child and that he has a history of sex offences.

If all this fails then I would turn around and say that she isnt his. This sounds harsh but it will slow him down while DNA tests are carried out etc. Hopefully he may not even bother with them.

I really hope it all works out for you


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Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

Hi DaniMarie, I have with dispair read through yours and the other posts. There is some good advice in what a few of the girls are saying. However, as hard as this situation is,take a step back and collect your thoughs. There isn't much room for rash decisions or time to make errors. On a more practical approach, you mentioned reading his affidvait - sit down and write a reply affidavit (for yourself and it may or may not also be of help to you later on with your lawyer)and base it on what he has stated in his. You can add or change things as memories/thoughts come to hand. I think it may also help clear your mind and as it is written down, you are less likely to forget to mention is later on - every little bit of information helps. As others have mentioned, stating your argument that your dd doesn't know him and the possible consequences of putting her in the situation of unsupervised access with a stranger let alone a sex offender is what you really need to strongly express. In the end you have to believe in yourself that you will make the right decisions and do everything in your power to act in the best interest of your dd and you. Hold strong and positive.


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