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hey, my little princess is 3 years old and has been goin to her dads (who lives with his mum and 4 brothers and sisters)every fri nite and i pick her up sunday night. 4 months ago her father went overseas and hasnt contacted us in any way. i continued to take my daughter there for the weekends but evrytime i left her she was hysterical..i havent taken her there for the last 2 weeks..the x mother in law hasnt contacted me or asked me why, when i messaged her she just said okay...i asked my daughter if she wants to go there and she said she never wants to go there ever again..i dont know what to do ?? i dont think she should go there until her dad gets back, id prefer if she didnt go there at all as i dpnt think its good for her emotionally (more to this story but cannot write just incase he or a family member finds out whats happening whilst hes away).. im just a bit noticing my daughter is SO SO SO much happier

Aimee, 4 year old princess

If she doesnt want to go and they are apathetic about it don't send her. Simple. Happy girl.

I don't want to alarm you, but has something happened to her while she's been there?
If she was hysterical as you left her and was very serious in saying that she didn't want to go there again, perhaps she has a very good reason!
Don't feel obliged to take her to visit your EX family if she doesn't feel comfortable going.
Particularly seeing as her father isn't even there.
You need to go by what is best for your child, and as she really doesn't want to go there and gets upset if you take her, please don't force her to stay there..
If she doesnt want to go then dont take her. If her dads family want to see her while his away then tell them they can come over and see her at you place or meet them at a park.
When dad comes home from overseas and makes contact then explain to him your concerns and would prefer that he comes to see her for a while until things settle back down.


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