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Could anyone give me some ideas on a 40th birthday present for my hubby. It's on the 30th Jan and I am at a loss as what to get him. He doesn't need or want anything. I am thinking maybe a photo of our daughter blown up or put on canvas. As usual I've left things a little late. Any ideas would be great. Thanks for reading.
v8 supercar laps, hire a fancy sportscar for the weekend and go cruising maybe stop overnight somewhere,skydive, hot air ballon ride,photo of your Dd sounds great,musical instument if he has in interest in learning one,concert tickets.
I love alwaysawake's ideas.. wish I'd thought of them for my DH 40th last year. He is the same, has everything he really needs etc etc. I ended up getting him 2 box sets of Monty Python. he is a huge fan and knows most of them by heart. He thought it was fantastic and I quite often find him laughing his head off watching them.

Think of something he really likes and get something that he wouldn't get for himself (Alwaysawake's ideas fit here) Go to one of those souvenir shops and get signed stuff or memorabilia.

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Instead of just getting a normal photo of DD done, why not get something special done with the photo. A photo store near us does those glass ones where the photo is etched into the glass. I had one done for DH for fathers day, he put it straight in his bag and has kept it at work. I think it cost me $150, but you can get smaller ones done or even get them etched onto a keyring. They cut out all the background and just leave the person only, they are great.
Thanks everyone
Sorry it's taken a few days to reply. Can't seem to get on the computer for very long with a 2 year old. I love all your ideas. Unfortunately, he's about as adventurous as I am. I haven't even been on an aeroplane. He's not really into cars or memorabilia. I don't think a hot air balloon ride would go down well. Going away somewhere would be great as I turn 40 this year myself but we haven't left our girl with anyone overnight yet and we'd probably just worry ourselves sick. I have already brought him one of those medallions with a photo of our son and daughter on it and he hung it up in the loungeroom and has forgotten it is there I think. My son and I took a heap of photos of my dd yesterday and there are that many georgeous ones that I think I might just put them into a collage and give him that instead. He has also wanted a remote control helicopter for a while so maybe that might do. The good ones cost over $200 I think. Anymore ideas would be great though.
Thanks girls.
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