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MEN- DO they or dont they? Lock Rss

do u think all me would look at some sorta of ponography? My DF says he doesnt there is no need too that might be coz i deleted it all off our computer..

they must do hey?

I know random thread but its being playing on my mined


they all might- some just too shy to admit it others arent saying 'its a guy thing'

who knows lol
Mine does. I don't have a prob with it if he's looking at the stuff within my boundaries of what I think is 'appropriate'

i hate it i cant stand it at all thats why i deleted every bit of it off the computer..

i just dont get why men look at it for arnt we good enough for them

I personally think they all do, seriously. There's been a few studies into it and they reckon 99% of guys look at it, not because they are unsatisfied but because thats just how the male brain works, unlike women, women get more aroused by using their minds, apparently.


My DH has never ever looked at it, never been interested in it, and even if there is a sex scene on TV he looks away! Never looked in a magazine, at a dvd, or anything! and he was a virgin when i met him!

Hard to believe i know, but if u met him u'd believe me! he's just not interested in it!
DF dont even own any porno at all not one magazine or video or nothing and i know he dont look at it on the net coz he is hardly on the computer.. ohh and he dont masterbate anymore apparently.. i give him enought to keep him satersfied

Bec i hate to say it, if there was porn on your computer that you had to delete that you hadnt put there yourself, then i'm sure that he had to have been looking at it!

I think all men do at some stage. Personally i dont have a problem with it, but i dont really look at it myself. I have disks and disks and disks of all kinds of it packed somewhere in the garage, and DPs PC is full of it. LOL
Bec its not that we aren't good enough for them its just the way their minds work i don't know why honestly but i don't think its to bad like 90% of it is FAKE , plus if you watched the making of a pornography movie you would be sick. Its not all what it "seems" off camera, and i watched this thing ages ago most of the women do it to feed their children or support their drug habits.


daisy i saw him spying on me when i used your toilet lmao just kidding

nah your DH doesnt seem the type to be interested in porn, he seems to be so geniune and kind and he absolutley ADORES you!
i know it makes me sick on how they do make it. its so gross


i would say they probably do.

i know my DH has a stash, though i did help him pick it out so i know what hes looking at.
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