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We have a 5 1/2 mth old he was born 9lb 14 or 4.5kg and gave me 3rd degress tearing(from vigana to butt) very painful.
Any way eversice then i have only really enjoyed sex once or twice at the most it is sometimes painful i dont know if it is from the tears or from the lack of intercorse?
My husband is a red hott blooded Aussie and wants it more than not.
I feel like i am letting him down as i rearly want to have sex but we do it about one a week is this normal?

Awating you responce and help
hay well i didnt tear as i had a csection but it hurts lots when me and partner have sex but only recently we tried a thing called exite! its like a lube that u just put on urself and when we used that it didnt hurt at all i dont no if that helps but thort id give it a try

Declan 9/10/2007

I had a c/section with my third 5 1/2 months ago and sex is the last thing I feel like too, so I can certainly empathise with you. We do it less often than you do but my DH is understanding and when we do have sex it is special for him. Try to find the time(haha) to have lots of foreplay to help you relax which may help you. I know with me though I'm so exhausted and have a baby attached to me all day I don't want anyone elae touching me when I finally hit the bed. I think you'll also find that your hormones aren't back to normal yet which also makes your libido low and causes dryness (esp if you're b/f).
Hang in does come back
Lis : )

Mum to Jack 8, Zane 3 & Angus born 06//09/07

Honey i had a 9lb 6oz baby , plus an episiotomy! Its bloudy painful. Sex for us took ages , i even went back to my local doc to check me out because i was still so sore after so long. I would say a whole year later i was fine , my DH is also a lover of sex ( what man isnt ) , he got quite upset at times - try lots of lube if you do.

Im about to deliver in 3 weeks and am a bit nervous of the size yet again , but alot stronger to really stand up to DH to back off if im not ready. They wouldnt like their bits torn from end to end hey!

Connor 18.12.04 , Kaylee 11. 03.08

My hubbie was the same about sex. I just lost my sex drive period till bub was over one. We had sex but I soo didn't want to.
Women arevery much emotional creatures, we get aroused with our brains and other stimulation. I know I get more turned on when I am relaxed, so if hubbie wants something from me he is extra nice and does the dishes or takes care of DD so I can got and get my hair/nails done.
You feel like a woman not a mum and feel more like sex. As for the pain it is likely from you being not as aroused as you think you are (sorry for details) I get the same way if I try to have sex and don't really feel like it or just haven't been stimulated enought beforehand ie flirting and just general lovey dovey stuff. Good luck hun!

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