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Trust me DONT GO BACK!

Just take each day as it comes. I spilt with my ex a couple of months ago and it's the best thing i have ever done [apart from bring my beautiful boy into the world]...I was having major problems with the ex...he was drinking, taking drugs, bringing guns into my house, ODing, cheating....When you first spilt up you feel sooo crap, like it's the end of the world, but infact it's the start of a new life for you and your boy!
When you think of him, try really hard to think of all the negative, i know it's hard and it's easier to think of the good times you shared...but i guarantee you that the bad times you had with him out number the good.
It makes it hard coz you have to see him coz he is the father of your know what i did, which helped. When my ex came over i would go into my bedroom and get onto the phone with one of my friends...he is there to spend the time with his son, not with you - and make him understand that...If you need to chat about anything else just private message me and i'll be happy to chat with you!!!There is light at the end of the tunnel and it does get easier!
good on you for making a stand.... keep strong and remember your not just doing this for you your doing it for your kids... they see a lot more then we give them credit for they understand a hell of a lot more than we can imagine and if you put up with it ( and emotion can be a lot worse than physical as no one sees those bruises till its too late) they see it and think after a time it must be normal and ok, so the best gift you can give your kids is a happy homelife where they learn respect for women and how to treat them , if dad doesnt fit in to that then they are better off and they will thank you later in life or there wives will wink

im glad to see that you are doing well on your own.i hope he isnt hassling you and the little one.stay positive and always think of yourself and the baby.goodluck and keep us posted.
there are sooo many of you out there that have been through the same kinda bull from the men in our lives its good knowin there is support out there..
im still seperated from him, still angry and hating him, but tryin to block him from MY life (not my sons though)
i've settled the house and propery sharing, custody and visitation is settled...
and although he still tried lying and generally being as* to me i try my hardest not to let it get to me.. and counselling is the BEST thing ever!!
stay strong anyone else going through this smile

liams mummy

Hi Rach19,

I wanted to say well done on staying away from your ex - you are doing so well. I still get angry sometimes, it takes a long time to heal from an abusive relationship. Keep up the good work one day he will be a distant memory - keep strong (((( big hugs ))))

Nikki gasp)

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