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Negative Bitter Mothers Lock Rss

Just wondered if any married mothers out there had bitter twisted mothers who has such a negative attitude towards you, and never ever has anything nice to say to anyone, my husband absolutely despises his MIL- & I do not blame him, I dread the time when I ring, she never calls us and makes us feel awful when we don't call her, but JESUS she had nothing nice to say, does not have any friends so does not have any nice outings etc.

Sick of it

Oh Vanessa I don't really have anything to say but

*hugz* for you!

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

you poor thing - Its a way more common occurance than many people realise.

My father after years of tormet cut his mother and father out of his (and my life). Its their loss not ours.

I know someother people that are relunctant to do this for the dake of their own children missing out ontheir grandparents. But do we want the kids witnessing these disturbed people!!

take care


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I absolutely agree, we don't want these people in our childrens life. I cut ties with my mum. I let her see my DD when she was 4 weeks old but that's it, no more contact. It's a long story, she's a nightmare. She was having a very negative impact on my life and my mental health. If you want to talk PM me and feel free to vent, I can relate and sympathise.
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