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Hi Everyone

I was hoping you may be able to help me with some ideas of what my son could call my dads new wife. I do not like the idea of Grandma as this is my mums name. Does anyone else have this problem?

Thanks for your help

Jodie,NSW,proud mum of 2 boys

Hi, I dont have this prblem as my kids just call them by their names but if you dont like that ( and many peole dont) what about nanna and what ever the first letter of her last name is eg. nanna S
my stepfathers grandchildren call him "pop" and my mum "auntie". although they are still very young, they do understand who my mum is to their pop so auntie is fine.

We have the same thing in our family and our girls call my husband's step mum Nanna June (his mother is grandma and my mum is Nanna). My SIL also has a step mum and their kids call her Ma. Our step mums like having a special name that the grandkids call them. Why don't you ask your dad's wife what she would like to be called? She might have a suggestion that you all like


Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

I'm closer to my step father than my own dad so my son calls him Grandad & my dad Pop, so we don't have that problem. Very hard when there are more than 4 Grandparents but you could try something fun like other people I know - like Granna or Nandi.
I'm glad I found this forum, my son also has alot of grandparents.

1. My dad and his partner - Grandad & I think Jenni wants to be called Grandma?
2. My birth mum and her husband - grandma and I have decided on on Peters name yet (Any sugesstions??) I don't feel like he is a father figure to me but want him to have a special name to my son.
3.My dad's sister has been my mum all my life so I call her mum (my dad and her get wierd stares when people hear me call a brother and sister mum and dad lol) and mum's husband - Noni and not sure if Blair will have a special name yet?
4. Ant's mum and dad - Nanna/nana shell and Poppa.
Then there's the great grandparents
5. My gran - Gran
6. Ant's dad's mum - grandma
7. Ant's mum's mum - grandma
8. My birth mum's mum and dad - Nana and great grandad

It's all so confusing poor wee guy.
Do you have any suggests for a name for my birth mum's husband? Does anyone know names for grandfathers in another language?
Hi smile

Maybe he could call her by her first name? Or if you (or her) find this disrespectful maybe you could think of another name, something like nan or nana maybe?

Wow, so many Steps.

My DH's Mother and Father remarried about 14 years ago, well before I met them. My Mum and Dad are Grandpa & Grandma, my MIL is Grandma and SFIL is Poppa Pete. My FIL is Poppa Tone and SMIL is Nanna Rae. Each of them had these titles with their other Grandchildren, so we just went with the flow.

My SMIL & SFIL are both wonderful Grandparents, they love my DS & DSD as if they were their blood relatives, I could never take their Grandparent title away from them. My SMIL made a comment while I was pregnant with DS that she understood if the baby didn't call her Nanna, for me it was never an option.

This many Grandparents could possibly be the norm now.

Kathy, DS 23/11/05, DS 17/04/07, DD12/06/09

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