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2nd Child problems Lock Rss

Hi not sure if anyone has any advice or if anyone has this problem also. My husband and I are both second children and we realise that our parents have all the information on everything that happend with child number 1 and not much like photos or that of us or what sicknesses we had or anything. Because of this we are doing everything possible to make sure we do everything the same for our daughter as we did for our son. My problem is my MIL and FIL. My son was their first grandchild so they bought him lots and took about 3 rolls of film of him per week. My daughter is now almost 3 months old and they have not taken a photo of her or put any up, and they never ask how she is going but they rang all the time about my son. They are still their only 2 grandchildren. How do I make them realise that they are favouring my son and that I dont want them to do that. Hope this makes sence anyway.
Hi Megan, I don't think there is much you can do. I'm about as subtle as a brick so I have no advice on how to tactfully approach them. Maybe you should nudge DH and hope you're not accused of being petty. My SIL had problems with her own mother ignoring her daughter. I remember watching the woman turn her back on this 3yo and couldn't help myself but go and pick up child for big hug. After that I had no time for the woman.

My Mum always told us that her sister had nothing kept about her so she personally keeps photo albums of ALL her grankids. I tried very hard with my kids to be sure they had photos and as a result I have such a backlog of [email protected] photos not in books or sorted at all.

Good Luck when there are other grankids. Hope the situation doesn't get worse with comparisons and such.

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