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Grrr how you get rid of an ANNOYING MIL???? Lock Rss

no doubt this will get shifted lol
my MIL-TO-BE not sure when she'll be my mother in law lol still waiting...
but yeah i absolutely adooore my partner so no offence to him...
but his mumm is a PAIN!!!

when do mums ever let their sons live their own lives?? she just wont let him go... shes sooo nosie and wont mind her own business.. she always tells him what to do, gets annoyed with him alot e.g us and OUR money (why is it her business shes not in our relationship!!!), always gets angry with him (when im not around of course) when we buy something? and compares him to his brothers because "they earn more money" yet not even doing a job they love and yet my partner is doing what he loves, but shes not happy with it!! like grrr.. the other night when we had dinner at hers and my partners dad told him and his brother to go chop down trees together to collect firew0od and yeah my partners mum looked around and at me and was like "noooo not my babies, they cant go out there they are my babies" i was thinking they arent bloody babies they are grown men!!!! shes giving me the heebie jeebies shes annoying me!!!

and she always smokes and i try keep her away from my DS because of it.. and she smokes in her house..
and she always things she owns her bloody grandson and thinks she can just palm him around to everyone thinking its all ok and not even asking if its ok with me... it hurts me sooo much.

also what annoyed me the most was that someone said "is he a mummies boy" than my partners mum said "nooo hes not going to be a mummies boy hes going to be a grannies boy" i looked at my partner in the eye and gave him the "uhhh yeh right" face... she thinks she owns everyone!!
she has had her 4 boys and now its my turn to enjoy my own little family!! it really hurts sooo much =( so sorry for this whole essay but i have no one to talk to =( i really dont want to get depressed.

also she is full into AFL so are her other sons and im really worried they are going to pressure my son into playing it as she is always like "ohhh hes going to be and AFL player hes going to play AFL" and thats all she thinks about!! it really annoys me, i cant shut her out of my life as much as i'd like to because its my partners mum.

my partner is to scared to put his foot down, and im scared one day that i will end up doing it myself.

i didnt put my foot down the other day though and i felt so proud as i am starting to get a little confident (which ive never been in my life) and not let her walk all over me... she said "oh if you and brenden want to go out for dinner or something your more than welcome to leave corey here..." (in a house full of cigarettes AND Her smoking?? NO THANKS I WAS THINKING) its always about her or her boys or about my DS corey, she doesnt care about me... well anyways i said something really smart i thought anyways.. i said " oh nah its ok, =) i have my responsibilities now!" she was like " oh but you know what i mean if ever you two want to go out" and yeah i just left it as that. Shes raised her sons time for me to be a mum and raise mine! and im proud to be a mum and enjoy it. She wonders why i dont visit... shes too pushie and nosie... and smokes the house out!!

well anyways thats the problems in my life =(

ohhh dear!

[Edited on 12/06/2008]
mmmmm that would be annoying. All of that!

My mil is great, but she lives in another state so maybe thats why. lol
Rat Sak......
divorce................just jokin!

on our weddin day my mil said 2 me "so i guess u'll turn into a bi tch now"

eeek memmi.moo wat a b itch she is lol
WOW nat. tell us what you really think lol. get your man to grow a backbone a stick up for his family (you and your son). your sons health is the most important part.

i won't even let my partners mum get near our son unless she has washed her hands at the very least (she's a smoker too).
eeek, i wish i has the guts to tell her to wash her hands lol

LOL sorry for the HUUUGE essay, it was buggin me aye!

well anyways she has a whole ROW of cigarette packets in her cupboard, you could prob buy a packet off her lmao its like a bloody shop!!!

and i think (but im not sure) but shes doing the whole "attention thing" thats what i think (because of course she only has one son at home now the rest are out because of whatever reasons) but now she is sick (but i think a little of it is for attention)but yeah shes sick and had to go on a soup diet because she cant eat anything else and the doctors cant work out what it is and blah blah (does anyone think someone can go to the extreme to get attention??) i dont know i just have a feeling maybe some of it is.... she likes it to be all about her so i wouldnt be surprised..
Posted by: ^The_Godfather^
WOW nat. tell us what you really think lol. get your man to grow a backbone a stick up for his family (you and your son). your sons health is the most important part.

Took the words right out of my mouth. Only it wasn't a backbone I was going to suggest he needs to grow...
Well i would say that sometimes for your family's sake, either you or your husband has to put their foot down at some stage.. or she's going to think she can get away with it and just keep doing it and doing it until it gets to the point where you cannot stop her anymore.

My MIL is controlling and manipulative, she's tried to destroy our marriage and i've had to put my foot down as my DH was to scared, both his Father and his Mother had a huge amount of control over him so whatever they said to do he did. It wasn't the healthy lifestyle that we wanted in our marriage so i had to put a stop to it, and cut them off all together as they wouldn't listen. My DH has now realised how much easier and better our marriage and family life is without them interferring so he helps now to. We haven't seen them for months and it's been great.

Do what you have to do, if you think it's destructive on your relationship or your son then you might have to do something.
thanks busymumofl&r =)
soooo hard and depressing

sucks i just wanna sit in the corner and just cry and just not stop, so hard for me, i wish i wasnt in such a dificult situation =( thats why i try hard not to see them often, i only go if they invite us over or an occasion or if i really gotta
Yeah i know what it feels like...

In Laws have trouble letting their sons go sometimes, and sometimes all they need is a wake up call and they will realise that they actually are grown up with their own familys. But sometimes the In Laws are way past that and nothing can help they are just in denial.

My MIL got so bad that everytime they would come around i would be terrified that DH would leave me and go back to them because of what they were saying about me and it very nearly broke our marriage SO many times. In the end we realised it wasn't worth it so we had to do what we could to save our marriage.

It sounds like they are really having an effect on you.. have you spoken about the way you feel to your Partner??
yeah they have a really big effect on me, and i know i shouldnt let it get to me but it just plays in my head all the time.

i have about majority of it but some things i just hold back because i dont want him thinking i dont like his mum or anything.

its just his mum that cant let go of him.

and i dont know he listens to me but kind of shrugs it off in a way...iykwim?
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