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To all the single mum's.... Lock Rss

You don't have to reply, but i was wondering what made you leave him and how are you now?

Thanks smile J
i broke up with my sons father not long after i found out i was pregnant wen I found out he had another family and hve only jst recently broken up wit my parnter of nearly 2yrs after he started seeing his ex doing good now and it has made me realise tht im a stronger person than i thowt i was...i admit its hard being jst the two of us but im more relaxed and not as stressed

Thanks so much for replying! It's good to hear that you are doing better now and you are more relaxed.

I'm just asking this question out of curiosity. Sometimes it pops into my mind that i wanna just leave and be doing it on my own. I wonder if other mums are like that?

Well, thanks again and goodluck to you and your little one!

we broke up early in my pregnancy cos he was a controlling, possessive, psycho, paranoid, bludging, loser pothead! he says he's changed now but i don't really see it. i'm doing great without him, he sees our little girl every week or so but is giving me a lot of hassles.
Geez! All of those things!....

Posted by: Allie-Qld
controlling, possessive, psycho, paranoid, bludging, loser pothead!

Much better off without that one...

Thanks for your reply.
smile J
the father of my first child left me when i was pregnant, he just up and disappeared without warning, i didnt see him for about 3 months. i was devastated and didnt know how i would cope, i almost had an abortion but i couldnt do it. my whole pregnancy i was a wreck i just didnt know what to do, but once my son was born i picked myself up and realised that i had to pull it together coz he needed me. i never got a reasonable explanation why he left, but now i realised it was the best thing as we were not happy in our relationship, and it definitely made me a stronger and more independant person, if i can get through that i can get through anything.

when my son was 3 i met a new man, he's wonderful and he gets along well with my son and now we are having baby #2 and life is good smile

if it seems like theres no light at the end of the tunnel just hang in there, put on a brave face and things will get better.

hi there,
you've got so many replies so far....
i found out my hubby was cheating on me one month before our second childs due date.great timing-not!
i told him it was over and from that time on i had nightmare after nightmare.
It is 1 year down the track now,and i am a proud mother of two beautiful girls.
It has been a extreme challenge but i know we are all soooooo better without him,and he is the loser in the end,as hes missing out on seeing the girls grow up.
honestly i am still very angry about what he did but feel i am no longer inlove with him.
time is the only healer for all wounds.
Thank you so much ladies for replying!

You are both so strong! It is great to hear that you have all beaten the odds and yes, you are the winners and your ex's are the losers who are missing out on wonderful families!

I'm so glad that this thread picked up. I have doubts about my relationship sometimes. It's not doing to badly, but i just wanted to know what things were like for the single mums out there and how you are all coping and dealing with life.

By the sounds of it, you are all doing better without the losers you once had and some are even finding true happiness with new partners.

I love that you are all so dedicated to your children and really do all you can to create a happy life for them.

Thanks again for replying. Just so you know, I will be checking on this post from time to time until it dies! So if you have anything to say, i will be paying attention! LOL smile

Thanks again ladies
smile J
hi a mum of 5 children.i got a divorce from my first husband cause he was abusive to me and very controlling.then i met the so called man of my dreams who turned out to be a alcoholic and compulisive liar.the first three kids are to my ex and the last two are to my recent ex.i am so much happier on my own.ihave a life more money and i dont have to be treading on egg shells because of his 35 now and are saving for my own home.i work fulltime mon to fri and 3 nights a week at a surgery cleaning.the kids and i are going on a holiday to queensland oct next year and i no if i was still with him i wouldnt have any money to go.all my weekends are devoted to my kids as they are my life now.i dont need no man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Allie-Qld
he was a controlling, possessive, psycho, paranoid, bludging, loser pothead!

wow, sounds like my ex! alot!

i'm an almost single mum.. as in im pregnant and i am so so so happy that i'm not with him!
he just wouldn't have made a good dad, and he was getting me down something shocking. (amongst other things...)
so i'm glad. i say, if you think you can, and you'd be better off they go for what you want..

good luck
much love

OMG where do i start??? I kicked my sons father out about 3 months ago, however it was long coming... Ever since my son was born my ex would go out sat night and not return home until sun night sometimes even mon morn. He would be completely off his head and would sleep for days. At first i used to call him and beg him, crying on the phone to come home and help me...then he started to turn his phone off. As the months went past i got used to it and used to pack up and go to my mums on the weekend for the help and support. I told my family that my ex was working [i didnt want to tell them about the pain i was going thru]. He then lost his job because his boss was fed up with him not showing up for work or calling in sick and he became too lazy to look for work...he went on the dole and every cent that he got he would take out and spend on drugs and alcohol. When our son was 7 months we Christened him. My mum and myself put so much money and effort into the day. I was really looking forward to it. All our family and friends were coming. Anyways he went out on the fri night and promised that he would come home on sat morn to help out with the final christening arrangements. Stupid me for actually believing him. He rocked up 1 hour before the church service on sun morning. He was off his face and had lipstick and another womans hair all over him...he admitted that he was with another woman. We went to the Christening and i held my head high, he left early and i had to lie to friends and family why he was probably one the worst days of my life and it was supposed to be so special. I kicked him out after that day...about 2 weeks later he came back, promising that he would change, get a job and professional help for his drinking and drug be honest with you, i didnt even love him anymore, i had lost so much respect for him but i thought i would try for our sons sake...i tried so hard to help him get a job and took him to the doctor to seek help..they refered him to a drug and alcohol clinic but he refused to go [he rekoned that he could do it by himself]...i tried so hard to make things better between us. About 3 weeks later he was up to his old tricks, but things got worse. He joined a bikie gang and started to sell drugs. One night he came home from being out, went to bed. Then at 2am he woke me up telling me that he felt like he was going to die. I got our 9 month old baby out of bed and rushed my ex to the hospital...i spent the night in ER with my son on my lap. It turns out my ex had taken over 15 ecstacy pills and cocain over 1 weekend. Doctors say he was very lucky to have survived. He still didnt even wake up after this scare and was back out the next weekend. I put up with this for another 3 months. Then one day i checked him phone because i felt in my gut that there was something not right...there was a strange number in there so i called it. It was another woman that he had just met...10 years old than him, divored with a 4 year old child. I told her who i was and she said that he lied to her and told her that he was living with his mother and had broken up with me. I kicked him out and decided hin my heart that i would never go back to him...i didnt love him, he was not a good role model for his son, he was not providing for his family, he was always cheating on me and the list goes on. Anyways he has taken off to another state with this other woman and her son, he is still giving me alot of trouble but i'm so much happier without life is alot easier. I do get worried though, about whats going to happen in the future as i know i will have to deal with him for a very long time....
good luck to you too emma! you definately can do it on your own. my ex is still kind of around, unfortunately you can't just get rid of them completely if they still want to see their child, even tho they didn't give a toss when you were pregnant......anyway, it will be tough but so worth it!!! you'll do great!!! as long as bubs have a mummy who loves them that's the main thing i reckon. MEN SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
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