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  5. plz help Am i ment to jst tell them all 2 go away.....

plz help Am i ment to jst tell them all 2 go away..... Lock Rss

Am i ment to jst tell them all 2 go away or let his family c bubz even tho he said dat we dead 2 him im so confused

Im 17 and expectn my 1st baby kaiden on November 8th it was unplanned and me and bubz dad had jst broken up well long story short he being playn games eva since i told him i was preg 1 min he loves me and wants 2 knw bubz nxt min we nufin 2 him.

I tryd talkn to him 2 sort everything out and it didnt work we had a big arguement and he said me and kaiden r dead 2 him sad and when he seen me driving round later dat nite him and his m8s ramed my car, chased me and tryd 2 smash my back window out with a rock. hes not normaly like this and he sayn dat he expectn a daughter soon. i dont want him nea my son if this how he going 2 b but his family want 2 knw kaiden and i dont no what 2 do....

bubz dad was neva like this when we were 2gether i miss da guy he use 2 b and apart of me still loves him

Um, he rammed your car and chased you and you are pregnant with his baby? THis is a no brainer. Stay away from him!

If the family want to see their grandchild, then they will need to make the effort with you, but you should ensure that they know that the father is not to be involved anymore.
Oh my goodness if that is what he would do to you while you are pregnant, have you honestly taken into consideration what may happen when your baby is in your arms???
You have a little life to worry about & that is what is important! I'm sorry but seriously I'd go & seek help to keep him away from you & the baby & if his family wish to see your baby then wait til they come to you. Dont make that your priority as you have a major priority just waiting to be delivered. One question comes to mind though - What does your family say about this? Or do they even know this is what he has tried doing to you?

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I totally agree with the previous posters, I would stay far away from him. You need to protect yourself and your baby. He's messed you around and attacked you! You really do deserve better and don't ever settle with him just because he is your baby's father. How do your family feel about it all? And you have a lot of other things to focus on so don't stress too much about his family. If they do approach you it's up to you what you decide but they too should know how your ex is behaving.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. You really have to do what is right for your baby. It may not be what you want but this seems to be a bad situation to bring a baby into. His behaviour towards you is inexcusable and down right dangerous. You may still love him but it seems he doesn't love you back or your baby. You need to surround yourself with people who love you and your little one so if his family love him then they should get to know him, but like others have said, they need to know the way your ex has been treating you and what he has said, as hard as that may be you do need to be honest and protect your baby. Hope everything works out for you, be strong!

ive already told da dad he is not 2 come near me or bubz and i went 2 da police but they said there nufin they can do as there is no proof it was him even tho me and the people i was wif hav all told them the same thing i jst dont no wat else 2 do and how 2 go about letn his family see the baby

I was told by the police when I considered taking one out against my ex and his hoe that if anybody threatened me or my baby then I could take one out, even if it was only a verbal threat. As for the family, if they are not like the father and genuinely want to know your baby, then I think they have a right to do so, provided its on your terms and they understand that the father is not to be involved. Just be careful, and at the first sign of trouble get you and your baby out of there quick.

Hi again! I agree , restraining order! In regards to letting his family get to know your baby, if you are worried, always have someone with you, to be in control maybe they could get together at your house until you feel comfortable, remember, he is your baby, you are the mother so you get to make the decisions. It will be hard but I think if you have someone there that will support you whether it be a family member or close friend, you don't have to do it alone.

Yes I agree - Restraining Order and full custody of your baby!! He sounds immature and dangerous and as a pp said just wait until his family makes the effort with you. If they are decent people they will make the time to come and visit you and bubz, they will also offer you help and support. The best thing you can do for yourself and baby is concentrate on yourself and bubba. I hope everything works out for you ((( big hugs)))

you really need to worry about yourself and your baby.
he has showne what he is capable of. as for his family, i wouldnt even worry about that until fater baby is born, and once kaiden ios born id speak to them about times etc, THAT SUIT YOU, dont ben over backwards for anyone else your child comes first!!!

I seriously agree with everyone else here, you need a restraining order, ramming your car and the other stuff is purely sickening!!

You surely don't need that around you or your baby, if he'd do that when your preg I really don't want to think what he could be capable of if he was left to look after the baby.

Obviously if he's expecting a little girl soon, well surely he didn't take too long to move on and that just says he didn't really care about you the way he should have.

Like everyone else, don't shut his family out but don't do anything your not comfortable with, make them build a relationship with you first where you feel 100% comfortable around them and know they'll take care of your little one.

babys dad jst rang me cryn sayn he was so sorri he wants 2 knw bubz he made a mistake and by the time he relised what he was doing it was 2 l8 he hasnt got another kid on da way he was jst tryn 2 make me jealous (it kind of did)

if u were in dis position what would u do??

i wont my son 2 have hiz dad coz i know what its like 2 grow up wit out 1 but i dont want him round my son if i cant trust him then on the other hand i dont want 2 b the reason bubz dont knw his dad coz i no when he got olda he would resent me 4 doing dat 2 him

grr y cant things jst b simple
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