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Does anyone have their partner in prison Lock Rss

I'm a 21yr old mother with a 2yr old son. My fiancé is in prison serving a 7yr sentance. I feel so out of control of my life. I have no one around me in a similar situation and would really love to hear from other people that are going through the same thing.

hi .. don't have my DP in prison but my dad has been there for a while has only met my son twice.. So sorry to hear that sweet. Be strong and anytime you wanna chat I not judge mental honest as my dad there to mate.

Do msg anytime

just a suggestion maybe there could be a support group out there for you.maybe you could try correctional services they could put you on the right you visit often and get to talk often,i hope so caus ethat will cheer you up,hopefully.goodluck

I don't have a partner in prison either, but just wanted to say I'm a good listner if you wanna chat... The previous poster mentioned contacting the correctional services I think this is a great idea. There must be others in your position wanting advice and to chat...

PM me anytime gasp)

My ex (father of my kids) was in jail for a while when we were together and I know it is hard. I feel for you. Just wanted to share that he was in jail over christmas and a church group came to my house and gave all my kids lots of really good presents. I was so touched.

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