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Hi, Well where to start.

I was recently diagnosed in February with PND and an anxiety disorder. My son is three so the last thing I thought it could be was PND.

I had a very hard time when my son was born. My then defacto now husband was abusing alcohol, and not supportive at all. In fact I would find him coma in the driveway. He has since sought help and I have attended the councilling with him, and he is doing really well.

During that time I felt really alone and would cery for long periods of time but thought it was just the "baby blues".

I went back to work and had felt guitly at working, felt like I was a failure as a parent. Also my son has an autoimmune disease that requires alot of medical attention and time off work with that.

Well I thought I was losing my mind in February this year. I had noticed it slowly creeping up but was always able to put my low moods down to one thing or another. Then I started to have panic attacks. And developed this strange things with knifes. I can't touch them or be near sharp knifes. I thought I had gone crazy i couldn't understand it. So I finally went to the doctor and she diagnosed me PND with the anxiety disorder. Put me on citalapram which lasted 7 weeks as I started to have severe side effects. So she decided medication wasn't the way to go. I have a referral for councilling but won't get into the system for 6 months.

I have just spent four days away from home as my grandmother is passing away with cancer. So I know it probably is normal for everything to come crashing down, but I just feel like there is something broken inside of me.

Any one have any ideas?

Prue, NZ, 3 yr old and trying for #2

Hi Prue,
I havent had any experience with pnd myself but good on you for finding help. I cant believe you have to wait 6 months for councilling. If you want to chat email me
Post natal depression is a hell of a thing to deal with, I also have depression my daughter is 2 1/2 I found it really difficult in the begginning my other half didn't believe that I had depression ( i think he thought it would just go away) Ask your local community centre they might have some kind of counselling there you can use. There has to be more than one counceller that your doctor can recommend you to. ASk around, get some pamphlets and stuff they should give you more info.
I wouls love to talk more, it helps!!!!!
Email me if you like ( subject line place [sec=unclassified] please!!

Good luck!!
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