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Loving husband more than children Rss

Just wondering if anyone watched Oprah yesterday and saw the woman on, that had written an article about how she loved her husband more than her children.Does anyone else feel this way?
I love my husband dearly but my children that is another love i can't describe , it is unconditional, not saying you can replace your husband easily, but a child???What are peoples thoughts...............

Vanessa ,DS-8, DD-6, DS-17.12.05

Hi Vanessa,

I did watch it and i watched it with my mouth open!!! i mean as you said i love my husband dearly but the love i feel for my boys is such a different strong love i just don't feel i could ever make the statement that i love hubby more than the boys!!! As you said you can't easily replace a husband but god forbid if anything ever happened it is possible to find love again but you will never ever get your children back, yes you can have more kids but it will never be the same...

Well thats my opinion anyway!! I personally thought she was a selfish person but i suppose each to their own....

Take care

Hi Everyone!

Being in NZ, Faith Hill was on Oprah yesterday! LOL I don't think you mean her... but I recall seeing this 'woman' a while back on Oprah...

Anyway, I hope she meant that in loving her husband more, it didn't mean she lacked love for her children. I do think she means a different love. I know that I can be guilty of investing all my time, energies & love in my baby and perhaps neglecting my husband or our relationship... I hope that she was trying to inform women that we should remember that for a family to be a healthy one, the marriage/relationship between husband and wife needs to be nurtured and invested in.

Anyway, that was my take on it... and I find it hard but I think it's true... I am slightly fearful of the day that my kids will leave home... and it will just be hubby and I... I hope that when that happens, hubby and I would still have a friendship/vested interest in each other to continue in our marriage.

Whatever the 'woman' said... this is my take on how I interpreted her... it was a long time ago that I saw the show...

Thanks for letting me share!

Bye for now.

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