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Am I stupid to still be with him or am I being unreasonable. Lock Rss

On Saturday I went out in the afternoon with our youngest in tow.I was out for 3.5 hours to see a friend who is pregnant.It was also my birthday gift to have some time to myself(we have 6,10 and under).I left him with the care of our 5 plus 2 friends of one of our children.Therefore 7 kids 10 and under.Before I left hubbie he had started having rum and coke to drink.I told him off and gave him lunch, then left shortly after.By the time I came home 3.5 hours later 3/4 of the once full bottle was now gone.My husband was drunk.I sent the 2 friends home and began tea while telling my husband off for being drunk,my husband promptly
went to sleep.I locked my husband out of the bedroom that night and gave him the cold shoulder the next morning.That afternoon I asked if he new why I was anrgy.He said no and did not even know I had locked he out of the bedroom because he was past out on the couch all night.He said he does not remember a thing, not even me returning home.He thinks he was asleep by the time I came home.I am so anrgy for so many reasons the main being the saftey of the children.My goodness anything could have happened.But also I had cofronted my husband about his drinking problem(10 standard drinks a day from the time he got home and more on a FRi or Sat night)a few weeks before.I asked that he reduce to 4 standard drinks a day or that he would lose his family.He did this for a couple of weeks and I praised him for his efforts and also rewarded him with intmate momments.I am so upset and resent him.He has even bacome a bit heavy handed with punishments especially towards the boys and threatens all the older children with a stick he keeps beside his chair and has used it on them.Please help me should I stay and try and keep the peace or destroy our family and then worry when the kids are on access visits with him?
I am depresate and sleepless.

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You are definately not being unreasonable,I would have felt exactly the same way.
Your husband obviously needs help if he thinks it's OK to drink that much especially while looking after children.Has something happened to make him start drinking so much? I don't mean for you to answer here but maybe if you get to the root of any problems it may help.
There is never a need for anyone to threaten a child with a stick and certainly not someone who should be nurturing them and providing a safe enviroment.
I do feel for you as it is a very difficult situation but do you want your children to grow up in that enviroment? You will not destroy your family if you leave,there are plenty of single parent families out there who manage quite well and as for access visits if it comes to that I am sure you will be able to get a third party,legal or otherwise to help with that.
I am in no way trying to tell ou what to do but maybe getting a few objective opinions from people who are not close to either you or your husband may help.Good Luck

the best thing is to leave now or your kids would get hurt and so will you you have to think about yoursafty and your childrens safty are you happy being with him and anything could happen to the kids while you are not there."LEAVE NOW AND NOT LATER"
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