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Ok I'll try to keep this short although it seems to be turning into a mellow drama.

Ex and I haven't been together for well over 4 years. He is in the process of selling his house and moving in with his GF of nearly 2 years and her 3 kids. He has always been a good father and an all round decent bloke. His GF on the other hand is VERY controlling and he gives in ALOT of the time just to keep the peace. His business, whatever floats his boat. My ex and I agreed that he have the boys one weekend me the next and so on. He would pick the kids up on the friday and drop off sunday night. We have had this arrangement for over 4 years, NOT BEEN A PROBLEM. He picks DS 13 up wednesday night to have dinner (something they worked out between them for wed nights)

My ex says he wants to talk to me about something. He asks if I can pick DS up from his GF's house. I ask "what tonight?" He says "no, whenever I have him I'll pick him up and you pick DS up from my GF's" I ask him why? His answer.....Because she keeps giving him Sh!t about it!......WHAT?

I asked him what the hell he was on about and he said he was getting cr@p from him GF because he had to drop DS off and that I should pick him up. Then he starts saying that its also costing him in petrol so I told him "Just pay me less child support....Oh already DO!" (I told him to pay $100 less than he was suppose to a month because he was struggling) I told him "no way in hell was I going to do it just because his GF demands it and is throwing hissy fits" and "if he was stuck and couldnt do it for what ever problem"

I could not believe my ears when he turned around and told me "well I cant have him then" FINE I DONT

DS is sooooo upset and asked if he could ring his dad and ask if he was spending the weekend with him. He rang and Dearest Dad flat out said NO

Guess who the loser in all this will be
that is so sad for your son i hope he (ex) comes to his sences soon for your son sake
That is really sad for your sons sake!

My ex doesn't drive so for Annaliese to see him I have to get up early on friday mornings (4.50am) and leave home at 5.30 so I can get her to her dads and get to work on time, then I pick her up on friday afternoons. He doesn't pay me child support regularly either.

I know it's not something I should have to do.. (he should at least do one pick up or drop off) but for the sake of a little time, at least I know she gets to see her daddy...

I hope you two can come to an agreement soon. Maybe he could just take your DS out for the day instead of having him for the whole weekend, then he wouldn't have to worry about drop off and pick up cause they would be out??

OH MY GOD. Man that sounds like dh's dead dad.

GOd what a loser. I hope he falls over and wakes up.

I am so sosososososososo sorry for your son.

Big hugs to him

Sorry but contact Child support and make him pay that $100 I would be a bitch now.

I'm so sorry, I don't really know what to say. How could a woman who is a mother herself put herself between a father and his son?? And more importantly, how could a father let her??? It stinks that a bloke could put somebody else before his own child. Give your DS an extra cuddle tonight.
That has to suck BIG time why take it out on his son as this is what he is doing. Obviously GF wears the pants in the family and what she says goes.

I hope your EX realises how much his DS is hurting and comes to his senses and I would be inclined to go for all Child support to if he wants to be a B A S T A R D than you can be a B I T C H back.
well i am very sorry for your son as he is the one who will suffer from this because his Dad is as weak as piss.
Thanks Ladies...I dont feel like I'm being so petty now.
This is just the latest in a long line of cr@p and this time I am not budging.

Seeing as DS is 13yrs old I told him the truth about whats going on. But seeing as every weekend with his Dad is also spent with the GF, DS knows how things are over there. He says his Dad is "p# ssy whipped" which I have told him is disrespectful to say of his Dad, but sadly I agree.

Thanks for listening to my dribble
I think I'll call it an early night ;o)

i would sp ca;; up child support and make him pay that $100 dollars now. how dare he and his gf think they can save even more money by making you and your son suffer! hit them where it hurts now i say>>>

Giovanni 5 yrs - Giselle 2 - Gabriel 5 months..

I dated a man who had 2 kids and he would pick them up and drop them off. I didn't care less who did what as long as i got to see them. They came as part of the packaged deal and i had no problem with that what so ever it's how it was.
I loved him and i loved them, I loved the whole package. I really hope that for the sake of your son your ex wakes up and see's this girl is the one not worth petrol money! I'm pretty sure that if he's the great dad you say he is, after 2 weekends without his kids he'll be feeling pretty empty and pretty silly too i should think!
Good luck i hope it all works out in the end! x
I can understand you being p!ssed off at the GF and ex but winning a battle with them is an empty victory when your son is unhappy because he isn't visiting his Dad. It doesn't matter who is wrong or right. What matters is that you are doing whatever you can to make your son happy and shield him from grown up dramas. I would be picking him up, not because GF said but it is the only way to quickly sort it out so your son can see his Dad. Take the high road.
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