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how old when u broke up? Lock Rss

I was pregnant with DD10yrs when boyfriend told me to get rid of her - i left never him (he even tried to do it himself by slamming me up against a brick wall and punching me in the stomach)
I was a single parent for 9 years until I met DP - DP, SS2.5yrs and DD9months in 12 months not bad lol.

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I left my ex just after my son was 12 months old. I wish i had of left when i was pregnant though. When he first found out i was pregnant he offered to pay for an abortion.
Now he has come back at me saying he wants 50% custody and acting like he is a victim, when he has never been there for my son.
My son now has another 'daddy', who loves him and spends time with him and we are 5 weeks pregnant with our first baby together.

When I was 6 weeks pregnant.

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