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father does not do that much house work Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I feel like I have been winging alot lately about motherhood, but most things are going fine. I love being a mum but I thought I would see if anyone can help me with this. Lately I feel like I do 99% of housework and even though im copin fine with it, it does tire me out and I feel I do the same chores everyday. I feel like Im in a Rut!!!!
My husband works five days a week 730 - 530 and when my boys were newborns he would wash up every night before going to bed 1030. Now dishes are still in sink every morning for me to face and I spend atleast half hour every morning just cleaning up from yesterday. My husband would do something ....if I ask him and then remind him for about an hour, but sometimes I feel the askin and reminding just adds to everthing I have too do!!! so most times now I just dont ask. I do feel he works and while at work understand that I should do housework, but am I being unreasonable when I ask him to help out when he is at home. He is a great father and I believe he just honestly forgets or dosnt see what needs to be done. what should I do before I get lost forever in loads of washing and dirty dishes.

Bekstar - proud mum of Jay Jay & Logan

what about making up some lists of what would be helpful. my hubby def needs to be told/asked to do certain tasks so things like the bins andthe dishwasher are his jobs and if he doiesn't do them they dont get done.

sure he works 5 days a week but guess what hun you work 24/7 so def make sure he is doing his fair share smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

what? husbands do housework? haha!
hey bec,
i know exactly how you feel my fiancee does nothing not a single thing to help out with our son Harley 6months and does no house work wat so ever he comes hmoe from work and leaves his dirty clothes everywhere (hes a dairy farmer so that makes it worse!) he doesnt even mow the lawn! i believe they have no excuse not to help out we work to we spend all day every day with barley a single day off looking after the kids i think we deserve a break too. unfortunatly i have no suggestions to help you if i did i wouldnt be here whinging! lol
anyway i just thought id let you know you arnt alone
i hope things get better


you think you have it bad i use to work 70 hours a week 6.00am to 7.00 am and come home cook dinner look after the kids my day was get up 5.00 am got to work come home at \8.00 get the kids ready for school take them to school go back to work .go back at 3.00 to pick them up from school ,bring them back to work go home cook dinner put a load of washing on while tea was cooking and bath the kids , and in daylight savings i was out mowing the lawn. what a dick head i was no more i leave it to him now i dont care what the lawns look like .he does not lift a pinky finger in this house .i was even doing all this while i was pregnant till i was 8 months he still didnt lift a finger to help ,my son is now 17 months and still waiting ,i wont hold my breath.he works hard but so do i thats why i am not going back to work he can do it all ill stay home and play happy house wife or pretend to . come on girls we have to speak up i am sure they would if dinner was not on the table for a week .

leeanne nsw, ricky 17 months

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