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Hi guys, i would be really interested in hearing from anyone who is in a similar situation. i have a blended family. i have a 4 yr old son from a previous relaitionship and my partner has a 5yr old daughter and another daughter who is nearly 2 we also have a 5mth old son together. sometimes it can get really hard with the access to kids, child support, ex partners, x's new partners, etc. just interested in hearing your stories. its not easy being in a blended family. its hard work and i think people underestimate it. thanks. : )

IStole3ofHeavensAngels, 2 boys, 1 girl

hey there
i have 3 girls all with diffrent biological fathers, my husband has taken on the big girls as his own, and is planning to adopt the eldest as her father is out of the picture atm anyway, my 3 year old however sees her dad every second weekend and it can be extremelly frustrating for me, however i think im very lucky to have a supportive husband and the inlaws just adore their instant family! everything is fairly ok at the moment we havent had any custody issues since christmas (yeah!!)
and im just waiting for the new childsupport laws to come in so that i might see some for the first time in 2 and half years!!!!!
ive always wondered what it would like to be in a "stepmum" position i imagine it would be more difficult then the "stepdad", have you had any problems with your step daughters?
i would love to chat some more as its not a topic i generally discuss due to people calling me nasty names without knowing my situation, so its good to have someone to talk to who knows the special difficulties with blended families!!


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