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Hi everyone,
Ive been with my parntner for near 18 months now, we have a 6 month old daughter together. I was wondering if any of your partners have affection issues? My partner only really shows me affection when he wants 'you know what' This is really frustrating, and I know I dont want to be in a relationship with no affection for the rest of my life!
How you show affection is such a personal thing, i think your either a toughy feely person or not and i don;t hink it is something that changes. People show lovein different ways, form memory there a 5 languages of love , Saying i love you, pysical affection, providing ( ie working hard so family doesn't miss out etc) gift giving, and be stuffed if i can think of the last one.
everyone shows love differently, i guess if i knew someone loved me whle heartedly i could survive with a little less affection but maybe talk to him about how you feel.
I have troubles getting my DH to show affection in public. He's chinese and it's just not the 'done' thing.

I ended up explaining to him that I like it and that it didn't have to be a big pash. Just a little touch on my bum, or tickle on my palm etc.

It took him awhile but he's slowly gotten used to it.

Just tell him what it means to you. He'll come around in his own time. I know it's something I crave after having babies around all day!

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