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How is your sex life after you have children? Lost interest? Lock Rss

Just like to know how other couple are after they have had children. Or am i the only one who has no interest in sex. After the birth of my second child (during the pregnancy) somehow intercourse has become painful and it has been for the last 2 years and i have lost interest, Lately i have not been feeling well, have anemic am constanlty drained - actually feel my body is 80 years old. I take care of my two kids and my husband is now becoming frustrated with little sex, i try to do it at least once a week, but he want's more, and when he does not get it he is so moody and grumpy and i hate it, and naturally i give in.

Caroline Springs

I haven't done the deed in months, my ds is 10 weeks old and i just have no interest i am so tierd and exhausted and not really in the mood i have a 18 month old as well.
Dp loves nipples and loves playing with them but i just don't feel right him playing with them now im breast feeding our son.
Sex for me and dp is just that sex! We don't
Make love anymore and that spark has well and
Truely gone! But I think it's because I see myself
as MUM and my body is my little boys when dp
wants to have sex it's usually just because he
wants me to show him so loving but once we get started
I get tired he gets tired so we rush it, we are also ttc #2
which adds to the stress!!

Sex shouldn't hurt, have you seen a doctor about it?

Krystal smile

If sex is hurting you should definatly go and see a doctor as that isn't normal. And obviously plays a big part of the reason for you not wanting sex.

I myself have lost the want for sex since I had my daughter. It's very rare that I want it. My husband has learnt to deal with that fact but still asks for it several times a week lol. If your giving it at least once a week then ur hubby should be bloody happy with that. Mine only gets it a handful of times a month lol. And my hubby always wants it.
I wanted sex when dd was 3 months old and dh rejected me. We had it about 10 times since I was pregnant. I haven't felt any pleasure in it. Not that I don't want it but [quote][Sex for me and dp is just that sex! We don't Make love anymore and that spark has well and Truely gone! [/quote] Btw, dd is 19months now. So what do you think, 10 times in over 2 years. My situation is different, I want it badly but he shuts me out. ;( [Edited on 09/05/2009]
My interest in anything to do with sex has totaly gone.i hav a 21month old and 3month old and since my first pregnancy its very rear 4 me to want to do anything in the bedroom.i feel sorry 4 my partner as he is lucky 2 get sex once a month if has even caused us to fight in the past because he thinks i dont love him,im hoping that the feeling to want sex will come bck,its good to know im not the only 1 out there feeling this way,is there any1 been here but now things are bck 2 way they were that can give us some avices?
sex shouldn't hurt, after the birth of my ds sex started to hurt for me, i went to the doc and he said what happened was everything 'down there' was stretched and traumatize from birth that for sex it basically 'shut up shop' but with a bit of a chat to a physio who specialized in women health and some exercise it eventually got better.

have u tried alternatives to full sex.. way tmi but my dh is happy to play wit himself and pick out a landing spot on me if im not in the mood. seems to work for him.

i used to give in a have sex when iwasnt in the mood but started to resent it and that added to my ow problem.

have u tried talking to him? but take it out of the bed room sometimes its easier then. im still not very interested in sex but im trying to work on that and spice it up a bit.
wish u luck
Oh totally gone so don't by any means think it is just you. Sounds like there are a few of us which is reassuring. My daughter is almost two and I'm 11 weeks and I have no interest what so ever and haven't for some time. Funny how they all seem to get grumpy when they don't get any....
If anyone has been in the same boat and has suggestions, bring them on....

I would say if you're not interested in intercourse, maybe do something else for them. It's hard on them not to have it when they are bursting.
I know what it's like being rejected or declined. It's not nice.
good luck!
I have a 1 yr old and am sooooo not interested in sex!! thank god I'm not the only one. I had a long labour, but bubba got stuck so had to have a caesarian. My hubby didn't come in with me, and I feel like i've been cheated. I was so upset and embarassed when he said he couldn't come in (said he has a weak stomach). I respected that at first, but now i get upset when I think about. I always think he missed out on the birth of his first baby. I think I hold this against him, now I have this great ugly scar and don't want him to see my body. Poor hubbys hey!?

Mum to the booby monster

Im the same. My DH is very big on sex, wants it every day all day 50 times I day if I let him..but I dont want it at all, not once, not ever. Although, we do end up having sex because I give in to him and just want him to stop nagging me, we are also trying for number two so we need to have sex but its become more like a chore.
It shouldnt be hurting you, see a doctor. I heard a story a while ago from someone who had stitches after labour and it turned out she wasnt stitched up properly and it was causing her pain for months, and she went and got it all fixed up. If you had stitches thats something to consider?
Maybe in a few months you will get your sex drive back, hopefully. Until then, your DH can hold out. Waiting for sex never hurt anyone smile
I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a scorpio and supposed to be one of the randiest women around, but ever since I have had our little one, I have lost interest. At least your husband is wanting it from you! My husband seems to be too tired also and our sex life has disappeared from sight. I am only 29 and he is 39. We had a very difficult beginning with our little one being very sick until he was six months old, but he's one in a couple of weeks, I think we've run out of excuses.
It sounds as though your body is lacking something. Have you seen a Doctor?

Eloise x

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