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would you tell? Lock Rss

Its sounds a bit complicated, but will try to make it sound simple.

My brother Glenn is going out with my friend Sam.
Her sisters bf Josh is working with my brother.
Both Glenn and Josh work with my other Brother Dave.

On Thursday it was Joshes bday and they all got really drunk and stayed up until 5am.
On Friday Glenn sam and I were all at a mutual friends house and was saying how Josh was hungover and broke Daves $400 Drill and has his pay docked $50 a week to pay for it.

I then was talking to Dave on Sunday and asked about it and he didn't know anything about it.

I then asked Glenn why Sam thought that and he said that Josh just wanted extra money for working without his gf knowing.

I was out at my car today when Glenn & Josh pulled up after finishing work early. my brother came to get his dog. I went over and asked why they finished so early, did you break another drill? He just laughed and said' you should have seen what happened today. I threw Plaster into the skip bin and it missed and hit Daves car, so thats gonna cost me even more.
I gave him a dirty look and told him she would know that was a lie.
He asked why and I said' Dave has a modded VY SS Ute, If you damaged it in any form you wouldn't be alive to talk about it.
By then Glenn had come back and they left, but what an a-hole!

I am going to see Sam tomorrow and am so keen to tell her the truth! Josh is lying to her sister, Glenn isn't lying to her but is letting her believe the lie.
My other brother is a decent guy and when Glenn broke his drill (the one in he didn't make im pay a cent, so they are making him look bad.

My Question- would you tell?

So your friends sister is having her boyfriend lie about how much he gets paid each week so that he can keep some just for him? Is that right?
There must be a reason he wants to hide money from her. I'd stay out of it.

Honestly i think it depends on how strong your friendship is with each person..Who means the most to you? Personally, I would tell. Only because if something were to blow up big out of him taking money every week then you might feel bad for not giving her the heads up in the first place. Maybe you dont have to come straight out and tell her they are lying, maybe you can just discuss with her that she should look into it and say you have a feeling it might be a big lie. That way, she finds out herself!!
Do they live together? Do they share bills, a bank account? Does he owe her money? Is she in debt or shop a lot/ask for money? Why doesn't he want to tell her about the extra money? Otherwise I think his money is his business.
I think I would stay out of it altogether... I hate being involved in other peoples' arguments in any way. I hate even knowing, because then you feel some responsibility. He might be an A-hole but she picked him, and it really isn't anything to do with you (I don't mean any offense by that!). A lie will always be found out eventually, I'd say let him dig his own grave.
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