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Feeling guilty Lock Rss

I am married with 2 young children and have written this poem for someone else I think I am developing feelings for. He is also married with 3 children and about 12 years older than me.

I feel guilty for feeling this way and just wanted peoples opinion on this poem. I haven't shown him yet but he knows I have written something.

Is it just that he has a beautiful heart or am I falling for him. What would you say after reading this?

"I have some things I want to tell you
From my heart to yours
It is not an easy thing to do
As I watch from a distance and admire you

I feel I hardly know you
I just want to reach out and hug you
Sometimes you seem so sad
It makes my heart ache

You have such a great heart
You would do anything for me
I know you would
You always show your kindness

You give so much to the world
Yet sometimes you get off track
Some things you do
I feel I could strangle you out of frustration

I know how much you adore my children
I know they are always safe with you
I thank you for giving them so much love
It is great to have an adult they can turn to

My thoughts are never far
I would really like to see you happy
And have your heart filled with love
I don’t know you well
This is just what I feel from what I know of you

Thank you for being there for me
When I am in need
I hope that someday I can return
This feeling of appreciation and love

Now that I won’t see you much
I just felt I needed to say
Stay strong and keep smiling
Your heart is so beautiful
Just remember you are admired
By my children and me"

Lifes full of challenges

Tammy i would say walk away now. Before you get hurt.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

The only thing really that I have to say is what if your husband did this or was contemplating this? How would you feel?
My best friend told my partner that she liked him, we were friends for 9yrs, we're not now, you can read about it on my thread,"best freiend huh?". I don't know you whole situation, so I really shouldn't comment.
But If you realise that you do love him, and if it is meant to be wait till then don't hurt your family or his, by the sounds of it your not happy in your relationship with your hubby, because your looking outside your marriage.
If you did break up your familys and did get together wouldn't you be wondering if he would do this to be with me, what is stopping you from thinking he'll do it to you.
Sorry if I sound like a b*#ch, but I know what it's like to have someone try to get in my marriage.
I hope you work it out....

Michelle, NZ, 3yr-girl, another on the way.

Tammy I have to agree with the others, and go one step further - don't do it!
Although your poem is not stating that you love him, it still comes across that way. How do you think your Husband would feel if he found out? Are you in a loveless marriage that you are looking else where for love?
The man you are 'maybe' developing feelings for is most likely madly in love with his wife. Are you willing to lose a friendship that you obviously hold so dear? Cause once you hand over that bit of paper there is no turning back, you can't weasel your way out by saying it isn't a love poem if your feelings aren't returned!
And his poor wife! I would want to do nasty things to any woman who came between my husband and I, or even attempted to! Look at how some of the other ladies in this forum have fared over the way attempted affairs have happened. Do you really wan't to be the 'Scarlet' woman?
I don't mean for this to come across as being nasty, just a little blunt, as these are the things you will have to face should you go through with it.
I hope you do the right thing, whatever that is for you. Again, please don't take me for being rude, horrible or nasty, I just hate seeing people getting hurt in these situations.

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