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single mum needing advice, please. Lock Rss

Hi all

I'm a 29 yr old single mum to 4 wonderful kids and am wanting to find someone to share my life with but it seems that every man i meet runs away when they find out i have 4 kids. I have only been single for 2 yrs, which i know is not a long time,but i'm ready to move on with my life.

I have met a couple of really nice guys and we have got along well but the kids were a major issue for them. I'm glad they were honest with me that they felt that way but now its got me wondering weather there are any men out there that would take on a woman with 4 kids.

Any advice would be appreciated smile

Rachael, NSW, 3 boys & 1 girl

Hi Shully80,

Have you tried a Parents Dating site?

I just found this one now. I have no idea what it's like though because i'm not single. But it could be a start.

Good Luck!
<span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> J
[Edited on 08/06/2009]
hey ive been single since i was 4mths pregnant, i only have 1 kid but find it hard aswell. but i am hopeful, my dad, (hes actually my stepdad) met my mum & he took on all 4 of me & my sisters!! and we love him like our dad. so keep your hopes up there are some great men out there that will love you & your kids:) good luck xxx

i'm nearly 29 and have been single for a little over 2 yrs i have been wonting to get back into the dating market as well and like u have been finding it really hard. i have joined up with a few online dating sites like rsvp and have chatted with a few guys but nothing serious yet. my friends introduced me to a single guy last night, he was really nice and met my boys straight up.

i think the important thing is dont hide the fact u have kids, if they cant accept that then they arent good enough for u. maybe ask your friends if they know any single guys (anythings worth a try)

good luck Shelley

i have plenty of married friends that were once single mums so i know that there are guys out there that are willing to take on this kind of thing.

A very good friend of mine has 3 kids, and was single for 4 years after her ex 'changed teams'. She met a lovely man, younger than herself, they married, he adopted the older kids and they now have 2 together and are very very happy. It happens! Best of luck to you, I hope that you meet a wonderful man. He will be all the more special for wanting your kids to be part of his life too.
Don't lose hope! My brother once met a single mother with 3 children, they have now been together for over 10 years and have one child together. I'm positive your 'mr right' is out there somewhere!

I am on the othere end of things, my mum has always been a single mum since i was 2 and she remarried and had my half brother, but the guys she went for after her 2nd marriage ended she went for men with no kids. I found that they didnt really like us kids they just wanted to be with my mum. But now she has found the best guy in the world and now they live in Hong Kong together due to new job placements. He has 2 boys which it makes it so much easier for kids to interact with a male who has kids, they have a good understanding about parenting.

But good luck for the search, just thought id share my veiw from the other side of things.
thanks bexy89 for sharing

Im a 30 yr old single mum of a 3 and a half year old, been single for 3 of those years and I just got to praise you girl! I struggle with having one child and being single sometimes and wonder if there is anyone out there. Raising 4 kids on your own is amazing!! Wait for the man that sees what you are, understands the sacrifices and stands besides you supporting and recognising the commitment it takes to be part of a family, not a replacement dad. If they cant embrace the challenges kids bring then they arent good enough for you or your family. It's not you its them hehe;-)
there is hope ladies i've just met a wonderful guy who has a 3yr old daughter living with him. and we're driving out to spend the weekend with them.

i met him on rsvp.

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