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Just wondering if anyone else has had to plan and plan their wedding post baby? how do u find the time? what do u do with ur baby at the actual wedding? omg i have no idea how to make this work but want to be married next june!! panic stations!

I probably won't be much help here as I am planning mine pre baby lol.

I have decided alot of things 2yrs out Know what I want in my dress etc Well just plain know what I want as I have worked wedding receptions and know my budget etc.

Still trying to convince dp to not invite all the auntys and uncles that don't even know my name after 8yrs!!! Thats awhole nother story tho.

Good friends planned theirs post baby with three under 3.

My suggestions,

Know what you want, what sort of reception and ceremony you want.
Decide how many guests you want.
Write the a and b list. You may have to be brutal with this and not invite people that you really want to come to begin with. Once you start getting rsvps in and you get some people that say no then you can invite some of the b list.
If your doing things on a budget then use ebay to purchase dress etc.
Keep it simple
Plan your reception, what music you want to walk down the aisle and wedding dance.
Use people to help you when ever you can. We know people that will be able to help with music etc if we need to provide a system of some sort.
I will be basically doing everything as I know what I want
Use the internet as a search function.
In terms of your baby decide if you want a child minder for the day, or if your happy to know that someone that is invited will help look after the baby without having to have a child minder.

My biggest problem is the venue at the moment. I want to keep it less expensive rather then more and we are planning on going buffet as dp is samoan and don't want his family complaining, but we are also going more european with our wedding then samoan and we are NOT inviting the whole congregation that we know will be expected of us. I want to try and keep it to 80people if possible but we'll see. We already have arguments over the guest list I don't see why we have to invite people that don't try to keep in contact with us now and some who don't even know my name or that I exist after us being together 8yrs! The way I see it I am not inviting some of my family as I don't see them and they don't make an effort to contact me. This includes my uncles on my dads side so why should I invite his. I also won't be inviting my parents friends who actually know dps name and when I'm due etc but as its my day its about me lol.

Another thing that you need to decide is if you want kids or not at your wedding. We have decided that we are going to have our child, nephews, and godkids there but we won't be inviting friends or other relatives kids to cut the cost down.

Good luck and pm me if you need help or suggestions
Hi there,

I would look at getting a wedding planner. They can be a little expensive but well worth the cost. I was pregnant and working full time when trying to plan our weddingand felt the help was needed. Many planners offer different levels of assistance. Ours was the full package and cost 1800. She planned everything and all DH and I had to do was pay for the services. She was also there for the whole day from 8am to midnight. But other packages were available just for the day or for part planning. I found it made the process much less stressful.
Best of Luck.

DS will be 17 months when we get married and I'll be about 7 months gone with number two.

We're keeping it small and simple. I just not sure if I want to invite all my cousins (adds up to 20 people to the list). SO far have church (non denominational so can have who we like perform ceremony), celebrant and probable reception venue. My dress is also all sorted (Kinda had to change what I had for something that would fit). Cake is sorted too, sort of.

Just need to decide on food, flowers and invites really. Theres all the fiddly little details but I really don't want to stress and upset the baby smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

It just seems like such a nightmare i can feel an elopement coming on.

So far i have organised the dresses (getting them made but not till maybe 6months before the wedding) have kinda organised the venue (if they will get off the phone so i can book an appt with the celebrant at the chapel)

i am only having bout 80 ppl there but my partner is european so really if there r less than 200 ppl MIL says why bother having a wedding.

also i just dont think i wanna be the center of attention like that, dont really want ppl looking at me all day.

really would just like the same last name as my 3month old DD

Ignore your MIL your wedding is about you and your love for your dp.

One thing if you do plan on having the proper cermony/reception etc don't skip on the photographer, at the end of the day its the memories and the photos help you with the memory.

My DP is Samoan and his family are very religious and are of the belief that the whole church the whole family needs to be invited. This is fine if they are paying for it but they aren't we are!

You could try and have just a cocktail party for the reception if you want to keep it simple, yes have a church ceremony by all means but have a cocktail party for the reception cheaper, and more casual.

I want the reception but don't want to invite the whole world and their families iykwim. After the formal reception we will be heading to town to meet up with friends that we can't afford to have at the reception. It's also on a Sunday as most of our friends are hospitality workers so they will be working Fri and Sat nights.
My DF is Greek and his family were expecting a big fat Greek wedding. Neither of us wanted that!

We planned our wedding and reception out. We wanted less than 50 people (only very close family members and a few very close friends). We decided on an intimate cocktail reception on a river cruise:) We wanted simple, elegant, and unique. We spent months going through the fine details and ensuring it would be filled with personal touches.

THEN, DF and I were playing on the floor with our 20 month old and feeling the baby in my belly kicking up a storm and, we decided that all that mattered to us was right there in that room. We decided that we would elope with just us, our 2 children, and 2 witnesses. BUT, on our 5th wedding anniversary, we'll renew our vows with our family and friends and have the wedding and reception we had planned. That way, we'd have our own, private day to make things official and then we'd have a celebration further down the track when the children are old enough to get some enjoyment out of the day:)

I have 10 days until EDD with our 2nd child and we're planning to elope about 3 months after the arrival. We're going to get dressed up, get married in the park in town in front of this gorgeous fountain. We're going to have a photographer there and, to announce to our nearest and dearest that we tied the knot, we'll be sending them all a copy of one of the professional photos:)

I'm not saying that's what you should do. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone in that I don't enjoy being the centre of attention and being gawked at by hundreds of people. It's your day and you should enjoy the organising:) Don't stress! I have millions of ideas on how to organise a wedding easliy and still have all the special touches that make it stylish and amazing:) PM me if you want to pick my brain:)
OMG that sounds lovely.

Unfortunately DPs family r Czech so u get the european thing with the nasty temper, i wouldnt dare his mother would come after my blood LOL.

But ur plans Leosmummy sounds so beautiful

Aaaaw, thanks:)

Totally get the European thing! When we told our families that we're going to elope (haven't given them any details), my family said "Oh that's lovely!". DF's family said "How could you do this to me?"... oh the melodrama! What shocked me was that his Yiayia (grandmother) was thrilled! She told me it was the best idea she's ever heard and it was no one's business but ours. It was DF's sister who took it the worst but, I think she was secretly assuming she'd be a bridesmaid...

Anyhoo, while we were doing the planning for our original wedding thoughts, DS was still quite young. So I know it can be a bit daunting. But, so long as you and your DF have an idea of what kind of wedding you want, it isn't that hard:)

Once you make the decisions, it's easy to source and organise:)

I had a big cork board and pinned up pictures of things that I wanted so that I wouldn't forget. Also any menu ideas etc. It makes it easier to remember and you also get a visual of what the day will look like:)

BTW, loving the winter wedding:) Winter weddings are so stunning.
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