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A quick question to all the single mums out there. Are there any single mums who's ex's have had no part of their childs life? What are your relationships with their parents? I was emotionally and physically abused by my ex and his parents supported all his abusive actions. My ex skipped the country around when my child was born, paying no child support nothing and now his parents are starting to bully me into contact. Not once have they asked about my or my child's wellbeing. I am actually quite frightened of them. Has anyone been in a simillar situation?
I have no contact with my dd father. he left after he realised i wasnt goin to give him the baby bonus money. he was abusive emotionally and physically. my ex was a pathological liar telling me that his parents were dead then changing his story to his father walked out on his mother. i didnt meet as he told me they were in a different state and then told in a completely different country. so i dont have that issue but what i can suggest is if u feel threatened by his parents apply for an AVO or restraining order. i suggest you seek legal advice but definately if you dont feel comfortable with them then stay away from them.
my ex's parent have never met their 2 grandsons. when their son and i first fell preg and m/c his mother said that she was happy and we should use a bloody condom next time. we didnt tell them when we fell preg again.

they have never made contact with me or asked about my boys.

suggest u talk to legal aid coz with the new laws that have gone through in the past few yrs they have given grandparents more rights with visitation so best to get as much legal advice as u can

good luck

Thank you so much for your replies. I will let you know how it all goes. I just don't understand how people can be so unpleasant. Bullying and harrassment is not the best way to try and establish a relationship. They have not said one nice thing or even asked about my childs or my health. Just supported their abusive son who has skipped the country, made no enquiries and not paying any child support.
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