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Advice about meeting new boyfriends kid needed Lock Rss

So after nearly 3 yrs of being single i've finally met a really great guy and after 3 weeks of chatting on the phone we finally met last weekend and my 2 boys and i had a blast.

tomorrow we're driving to where he lives and we'll be meeting his daughter.

i'm really nervous about this and not sure what to do
She's nearly 3

I reckon you just need to act normally. Be friendly with her, but I don't think you need to get all over the top, trying to be her friend, if you know what I mean..

Did your man get anything for your kids? Like a toy or anything? If so, maybe get her a little bear or something as a 'first meeting gift'.

Other than that, I don't think you need to stress about it.. just keep it low key and as normal as you can!
Good luck!
he didnt get my boys anything but i was thinking about getting a little doll or something for her.

Congrats on finding someone:) hope it works out for you!

It's nice that she's in the same sort of age group as your kids, hope they get along!


I know how your feeling - I've been with my new man now for almost a year now and he has wee two girls they are 5 and 7. I was so nervous the first time I met them - but they were cool- I was just myself, made them feel special by asking them about themselves, playing, lots of praise and reassurance about the situation. Remember this is a new situation for the daughter also - baby steps is a good approach. Even just having something as simple as bubbles or balloons on hand is great. Kids love attention and simple stuff like bubbles or balloons is a great way to give that attention and it is easy to make it fun. Google 'fun stuff for kids' and see what comes up....

Good luck I'm sure you will be fine and she will love you gasp)

oh i love u. i've got a bubble blowing gun, i'll take that with us. and i might go and grab some balloons at the shops before we leave.

thanks soo much for the advice i really appreciate it

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