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How many times in the past month has your DH/DP...... Rss

Cooked Dinner by himself?

Helped you cook dinner?

Done the dishes?

Done a load of washing?

Vacumed or mopped?

Bathed the kids?

Let you have a sleepin?

Or anything else worth mentioning....

I'm a bit embarrassed to answer, but here goes...
Cooked Dinner by himself? none

Helped you cook dinner? Mashed potatoes for me twice.

Done the dishes? once (or was that last month! lol)

Done a load of washing? none

Vacumed or mopped? once when he dropped a can of coke, but I had to do it again after him.

Bathed the kids? nope

Let you have a sleepin? nope

Or anything else worth mentioning.... hmmm, he's mowed the lawn once!

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a useless DH.

I must admit I have a one-of-a-kind DH.

Cooked Dinner by himself? About a weeks worth out of the month

Helped you cook dinner? We usually have one person cook dinner and the other play with the kids.

Done the dishes? a couple of times

Done a load of washing? heaps

Vacumed or mopped? He doesn't mop much but vacuums when needed.

Bathed the kids? often

Let you have a sleepin? we get one each on the weekend

Cooked Dinner by himself? - 5

Helped you cook dinner? - 10

Done the dishes? - 0

Done a load of washing? - 10

Vacumed or mopped? - 1

Bathed the kids? - 13

Let you have a sleepin? - 13

Or anything else worth mentioning....nothing

[Edited on 21/07/2009]
Cooked Dinner by himself?
haha he wouldnt know where everything is

Helped you cook dinner?
um I think once but even then I had to do the vegies whilst he stood outside watching the bbq after I defrosted the meat and prepared it - does it count lol

Done the dishes?
Nope not since we moved into this house 9 months ago, actually come to think about it I think he has only done it probably 3 times since dd1 was born

Done a load of washing?
He does his own - as apparently I wash stupidly - he stops at everyone elses though he will even sort the clothes out so its only his in the wash lol

Vacumed or mopped?
I doubt he knows what these things are lol, he used to do it all the time at the unit again since moving not once, Infact I have a broken vacume cleaner and he wont buy me a new one so I have to borro my mums when she comes up haha

Bathed the kids?
He watched them on sunday night for 5 mins after I had washed them ect

Let you have a sleepin?
This im lucky with he gives dd2 her bottle every morning when he leaves (at 630) so then I sleep in till when ever she fully wakes or dd1 wakes (today I got till 9 lol) but then on the weekends I let him have a sleep in hehe

[Edited on 21/07/2009]

Cooked Dinner by himself? Pfffftt...

Helped you cook dinner? Pfffft again...

Done the dishes? Maybe 3 times???

Done a load of washing? HA HA

Vacumed or mopped? BAHAHAHHAHH...

Bathed the kids? Usually on the weekends so maybe 6 times

Let you have a sleepin? Your joking right???

Or anything else worth mentioning....

He empties the rubbish bin in the kitchen and mows the lawns... and cause' he works arvo's sometimes helps out with the kids a little during the day.

Cooked dinner by himself? Once in a blue moon.

Help me cook dinner? Not often enough

Done the dishes? Everynight after I cook if he cooks than I wash.

Washing- He will do it of a weekend put it on and hang it out

Bath the children? Not often as they are normally bathed before he gets home from work

Sleep in- Not often

he is not the best cook so I dont let him loose in the kitrchen alone to often !

he mashes the potatoes just about every night

he does the dishes often now we have a dishwasher ..before that ..never ..he used to leave his plate on the table ggrrrr

he dosent need to do the washing ..easier for me to do a load every morning ..but he will hang the towels out for me all the time

he doesnt vacume or mop ...not to many people I will let tocuh my dyson !! lol lol lol

he baths the kids more then I do I think ! lol lol

I get a sleep in every Saturday morning and he getts one on Sunday ..he will take the kids to the park so there is no moise for me and all ...he is a champion like that !!
My DH isnt too bad lol

Cooked Dinner by himself? All the time

Helped you cook dinner? He cooks in the weekends

Done the dishes? once in the last 2 years lol hes not a dishes person

Done a load of washing? He puts aload on when he gets home from training and does our sunday washing

Vacumed or mopped? NEVER lol

Bathed the kids? 4days a week

Let you have a sleepin? every sat

He sucks outside but great inside the house lol

My Dh is pretty good i think smile

Cooked Dinner by himself? once a week usually, he loves to cook

Helped you cook dinner? if he's home he does, but hes rarely home in time

Done the dishes? nope

Done a load of washing? nope

Vacumed or mopped? once - i had sprained my ankle and the house was getting grotty looking!!

Bathed the kids? he bathes DS almost every night! he normally gets in with DS (our bath is huge) and i get DS out & dress him.

Let you have a sleepin? nope, but he never gets one either, and is always up even before DS wakes up (works 7 days a week)

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

Cooked dinner - never (put the Lasagne in the oven tonight though but forgot to take out the baking trays)
Helped cook dinner - never ever
Done the dishes - ummm I think he used to do them pre kids when we were flatting together
Done a load of washing - never he would break the washing machine I"m sure of it.
Vacuumed or mopped - not allowed to use my vacuume and wouldn't know what a mop is.
Bathed the kids - this one he does every night its his job whilst I do dishes
Let me have a sleepin - once in the past month but on average not very often.
Takes the garbage out - first time tonight after I asked 3 times
Made his own lunch - does takeaway count?
Cleaned the loo after going for a no.2 - never ever ever ever.
Put his undies in the wash - nope they just go infront of the shower for me to pick up.

Hmmm my list could just go on and on and on. LMAO

Lawn is mowed by a garden man.
Cooked Dinner by himself? None

Helped you cook dinner? None

Done the dishes? Never

Done a load of washing? Once

Vacummed or mopped? Once

Bathed the kids? None

Let you have a sleepin? Once (only cos he slept in with me when we had no kids. Lol)

My DH is rather useless. We fight about it all the time. We were both brought up differently. Them's the brakes though hey?

Cooked Dinner by himself? Once

Helped you cook dinner? None

Done the dishes? Maybe 2 or 3

Done a load of washing? None

Vacumed or mopped? Maybe twice

Bathed the kids? He gives baby nearly all her baths

Let you have a sleepin? Maybe twice

Or anything else worth mentioning....

...hmmmmm... nah
[Edited on 21/07/2009]
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