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How do you explain daddy is not coming back? Lock Rss

So I just kicked my partner out yesterday and fortunately I am coping with it no problem as he pushed me away but I am hoping these sad feelings dont hit me soon as we were high school sweethearts, together for 6 years, own home and even have 2 puppies.

My biggest problem has been my daughter coming home from childcare and seeing that her fathers things are all gone. She got very upset and cried for ages about the things just gone.
Its 5am and I am not sure what to do or say when she gets up and realised that her dad isnt here anymore and that she wont be seeing him for a while.

She is 3 years old and I am terrified that she will not cope with it. Well I do not know how or what happens as I have not seen it growing up or around me.

If anyone can give me any advice AT ALL, i would forever be grateful.

Have a great day everyone.

Karen22 & Charlize20m Makin the most out of life

hugs babe i went through this with my then 18month old son.

u only need to tell her what she can understand, that daddy and mummy dont live together but they still love her.

it will take a while for thing to settle down and hopefully your ex will still wont time with your daughter.

try and make the best of the situation, have heaps of fun together go do things and put a smile on each others faces.

i wish u the best of luck

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