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Child Support? Lock Rss

Hi has anyone got any of there arrears paid to them when there ex done there tax return. My ex owes me quite a bit of overdue child support and it's been about 7 months now. They say it will come out of his tax but I find that highly unlikley.

If you have registered the arrears with the child support agency, I am on the understanding that once their tax is lodged the refund goes straight to child support agency then paid to you. wishing you luck with it all

what will happen is if he gets a tax return the tax agency will send it to csa and they will deduct a percentage of it then send the remaining to your ex. it depends on how much he owes u and how much tax he gets back to whether u get it all.

i'm still waiting on my ex to do his to see if my assessment gets increased

I would not rely on it. My ex never does tax returns for this reason but then he is a selfish pr***k.
My ex finally did his tax return after four years! He owed 4000 and i got 1400 out of his tax. He is paying extra now to cover the extra money he owes.

Ive just registered for child support today for my youngest 2 as i ve had an exemption, but all he does is live rent free, drinks and gambles, I know he hasnt done his tax for 3 years, but i dont care bout time he pays.
Stupid idiot told me to go buy lotto tickets if I need more money for them!
Hi guys,
my ex hasn't realy paid anything for 13 years every once in a blue moon a $20 or $50 amount will show in my account but I realy mean every 4-5 months at best.
they have never given me any big amount to make up for the years not even when I ring them to ask

sorry it's not a very positive outlook from me

Belinda x

HI there,
My ex owes so much money and hasnt done a tax return since 2002! and he has so much money! Now cos he moved 10 hours away the courts are making me pay for half the flights the australian justice system is nuts! Sorry to be negative just dont expect anything..
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