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One should wait till a certain age before considering the snip for their DH?

We are expecting our 3rd and last baby in Dec. DH will be 31 next month and I will be 29 in Dec. We definitely know that we do not want any more children.

Do you think it is wise for DH to have the snip seeing as we are young-ish?

Anyone's DH/DP had the snip around this same age?

I was speaking to my mum about it and she reckons we should wait till DH is in his late 30s but I don't want to take any chances. I still think we will use condoms even after DH gets the snip - hahaha. I am that scared to get pregnant again!

Once this bub is born we will more than likely get DH the snip he will only be 25. Im pretty sure we dont want any more kids so getting the snip would just make things alot easier.
And if we change our minds in 10 years time or some thing, we can get it reversed but i doubt it will come to that.

Hi there,
2bubblyboys, i think you will find that a doctor won't do the op for your DH as he will be considered too young.
In reagrds to the OP, personally i would leave it until he is older, you never know what life may bring, and yes the op is supposed to be reversible, but it is not guaranteed.
I won't go in to the many whatifs, but will tell you about a situation with my family - my cousin had the op, when he was 34 and he thought no more kids as he already had 3 boys.
Unfortunately he and his wife ended up seperating about 5 years ago, and before you can say it will never happen to us, it does happen to some people.
Anyway, he met a wonderful women a couple of years ago, and he is only now 40 and they would love to have a child together but the doc has advised it is too late to be reversed.
same scenario with my step brother and they ended up adopting a 2 year old orphan from the ukraine.

Dh will be getting done early next year. he will be 37.
I am soon to be 29 and Dh soon to be 31. We are having our third child in April and when he/she arrives safely DH will be getting booked in for the "snip". He and i have talked about it and have both agreed that for us three children is enough. He has also made the decision for himself as he is certain he does not want anymore children in the future.

It is a choice that each man needs to make for himself with the support of his partner.

My dp had the snip in 2005 at age 32.
We went to our gp and spoke with him and got a referral and when we went to the appointment to see the specialist we made sure we had all the kids (2 at the time) with us and made it quiet clear that that is what WE wanted and the dr was more than happy to agree.
When we got the appointment for the procedure we were so excited and then found out about a week later we were pregnant with number 3.
My DH is about to have surgery on his hip abductor (muscle attached to the hip) and while he is under is getting the snip at the same time.
He is 32 and I am 30. We have 2 children and are more than content.
The surgeon spoke to him about whether he is happy to have it done, whether I agree that its what we both want and explained that only 50% of reversals are successful so we know the risks.
The surgeon is happy to proceed as long as we both agree on it.
My DH has always said he will get the snip once our family is complete, as I have to go through the pregnancies and labours, so he thinks its the least he can do. Awwwww!

We have 2 children, and are certain that we do not want anymore. DH has been talking about getting the snip very soon, but I am wanting him to wait til we are a bit older.

Even though I know we don't want any more children, what if something happened to our own children (heaven forbid!) in the next couple of years. I am 30 and DH is 29.

I had our 3rd baby in January. DH turned 34 in March. I went to the Doctor for my 6wk check and asked him for a referral for DH to get the snip, he laughed, and gave me the info - I told him I didn't want info, I wanted DH sterile! He did the referral and then we went and got it done!!
Thanks for the responses.

It is something we shall have to discuss! We have just mentioned it in passing and not really in too much depth... we haven't discussed the 'what ifs'.

We've not had any accidents with all 3 being planned but there's always a first for everything... so I am keen to make sure it stays that way!

Thanks again.

DH had it done at 28 and only had 2 kids. It has been wonderful as we decided we were 'done' so its great having the near 100% security of no 'surprises'. If you have ANY doubts then I wouldn't do it. My DH had to see two doctors to get the go ahead (basically two drs had to agree we wanted it done for the right reasons)

I believe if you try and get it done through the public system they are a lot stricter on who they will do (eg take age into consideration etc a lot more) but if you get it done through a private specialist its their discretion who they do it for. We didn't have an issue getting the specialist to do it at all
After our last DD I wanted to get my tubes done. I definately don't want anymore kids. I would adopt but I hate being pregnant! I'm 25 and was told I need to really think about it and that I'm too young, what if I change my mind etc.
It was recommended that DH get it he's 32 and it is easier to reverse for men. Yet he has this thing of no one is going near down there with anything sharp!

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