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need advise re mil Lock Rss

hi everyone can anyone help me ? my hubby wks away a lot so i look after the kids my son is 3 my wee girl 16wks and do evetrything else in between with no help from anyone and i mean no one ever comes to my house and helps family live in nz i lost my mum when i was 14 she was only my hubby mum is the onlygrandma they have.his father lives about 2 hrs from us(his parents are seperated)and his mum is about 50 mins from us.i have some good friends but they have their own little ones and my closest friend has no kids and a boyfriend.lately i have been finding it really hard to get thru the day when hes away when hes home nothing is a bother i hardly ever get mad at my sonalso my wee girl was so much easier then lately since she started to catnap in the day she gets so tired and really grumpy all day absolutely hates going in the car screams almost the whole way doesnt go much for the pram either get groceries is almost impossible i have to carry her round this has just all started the last few wks think shes making her personality show thru now shes getting older.she is in bed by 530 as shes just so tired which means im up to her at least 2-3 times on the nite and usually have give her a feed and in between i have to get up to my son he usually just wants a cuddle to get back to sleep or just wants come into my bed esp when hubby i get really tired and can be really impatient with my son and yell at him for the slightest thing which i hate doing hes such a good boy but some times i just efeel its all to much she wants me he wants me its just full on 24/7 anfd hubby ysually away 4 weeks at a mil will come and see the kids if she over this way and usually for about half hr sometimes 3 hrs and usually once afortite or maybe dont see her for 3 wks shes got all this wk she has to do and her squash and gym etc that she does.she keeps telling me as she has been for yrs since my son was born she wants to come and help and since wee gorl born keeps saying she wants to start coming over once a wk stay the nite help me out just hasnt happened i never say anything as we really do get on well she is a great person and such a good person/role model for the kids my son just luvs her to bits and always gets upset when she on the days which go bad for me when shes scraming as im dvg down the hwy and im crying and my son saying please dont cry mummy(makes me cry more) i just want to ring her up &say please come help me give me a break last wk i had terrible cold so sick cld hardly look after myself let alone the kids all she cld say wass get better soon. i think she thinks i cope really well which i do most of the time i just get thru the day but it just seems to be getting harder and harder and so far since hubby been away i have cried almost every day.i never say anything to her so do you think i sld or leave it prob wont change anything my hub says its just the way she is but hes upset to but he will never say anything.i feel like ringing her up buit then think maybe just send her an email and explain how i trly feel.i dont think i cld say everything want to say if was on phone(think im a bit scared) i dunn o its dvg me crazy .wld love some advise thanks.does this even make sense.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

if you get along with her, tell her how you feel, it's sounding like you could develop pnd, so talk to someone soon. goodluck & hope things turn out ok.
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