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back in the sack after birth Lock Rss

does it really hurt for anyone out there and how long did everyone wait before it all hasppened in the bedroom with your partners again.

kat,nsw kayden 19/12/05

Hi Hunka,
With my first I waited about 6 months, mainly because I was scared it would hurt, with my son it was only a few weeks after, it didnt hurt just felt strange (kinda lo0se) if i can say that :0
I never looked back, they say the more you have it the more you want it. smile
Good luck with it and remember fear is what will make it hurt.

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

for me i conceived again when my new baby was 6 weeks old, i am lucky i don't bleed for long after birth, and was not painful for me at all i think it was about 2 weeks after the birth we were back in the saddle, some people are earlier than that some are a lot longer.
i wanted to do it almost straight after but coz i had an episiotomy we waited...but only til 10 days after. that sounds bad i know, we were like two horny teenagers. (so embarassing to say but it didnt hurt, otherwise i wouldnt have done it so soon. but when it did start to hurt we would just stop and try again later. in hindsight maybe we should of waited because the stiches may have taken less time to heal if we werent having sex all the time. but its what we both wanted at the time and 4 months down the track its back to normal down there so everythings all good.
Hi maybe something wrong with me! Waited nearly 8 months after 1st, was scared would hurt, no way wanted to get pregnangt again and just wasn't interested. Had 2nd about 6 months ago, haven't done it again yet, not interested in even having him touch me. I thought when my doctor asked about sex at 6 week check he was joking! Is still the last thing on my mind at the moment..
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