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Husband wants no more.... Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,
I have a 13mth old DD and recently when talking to my husdand about the prospects of another I discovered that he wants no more babies. This is now causing big issues because he isnt even willing to talk about it! I had no idea that he felt this way and I feel really strongly about having another. Is there anyone else that has gone through this or a similar situation?
The thought of not having a choice is very frustrating, especially when he was the one who bugged me so badly to have our first and now he is saying no more... what's up with that?

hi brea i havent been in the same situation. my only suggestion is to talk to him. if he wont listen, write down how you're feeling and leave it somewhere obvious. he's bound to get curious and read it (you could even write on it ' DO NOT READ'... that's sure to work!!!!!) good luck. i hope he will open up. maybe he could have some issues about fatherhood he's not telling you about?

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

hi brea
iknow how you feel bout this one i was in that situation a month ago my partner is a father of 3 now 2 are form another marrige any way i was so upset as i wanted 2 kids so i spoke to same friends and they told me some stories about some of their friends and they pushed their partners into having more kids and he ended up not liking them even to this day he doesnt like them so just leave it for a month or so and try to talk to him again good luck i hope it works out for you

Sarah,S.A,8mth baby

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