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Could you live with your in laws? Lock Rss

I'm slowly going insane. tongue

How long do you think you could last?

yep done it before lived with ex dh's father for 2 years in total on/off. Had no problems whatsoever but i was always out. I'll have dp's family staying with us for a few weeks while there house gets some reno's done so ask me again in about 1 and half months
We live with FIL and have for about 18 months. There are times when I want to tear my hair out but most of the time its fine. Also hes been away a lot int eh last 6 months so it kinda works

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

FIL isn't so bad, I should ask 'could you live with your MIL' lol

As much as I love my in laws there is no way I could live with them.
I value my own space and my own way of bringing up ds and dd.

I think I could do it for a little while because it would be a bit of a novelty and a lot of a help (no family near us here). After a while it would just be too frustrating. We clash on a few things and she has a temper. She also gives the kids biscuits at breakfast time and food whenever they ask for it. Plus, whenever they watch TV they have it as loud as possible, which really annoys me.

SIL (19 and living at home) is great with the kids but annoys the crap out of me with her bad decision-making and the situations she gets herself into. It might be good in the way DD1 keeps telling her 'yucky smoke, don't do that near me!' lol
Yeah, my mil lives down stairs and it will be 3 years in september but she be moved out by then. We need the space down stairs for our business.

Me too, Oki.

That's what's happening yeahie, the junk throughout the day etc but I'm trying to not make it a big issue, we won't be here much longer I guess.

I would be fine if we had our own kitchen, MIL doesn't like other people in her kitchen. lol
MIL i could but FIL drinks way too much for my liking and tries to start fights with everyone when he's drunk.

I get along great with MIL though half the time i think she gets along better with me then with her own son

my baby''''s becoming a big boy almost TT

I would probably last 5 hours!!!
I find it hard to get through dinner at the ILs. lol

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

3 years ago DH and I brought FIL house off him, unfortunately when we brought the house i didnt realise that he was going to stay.
i hate living with him, he doesn't contribute to the house at all and only helps a little bit with the bills.

we have had many issues of him giving food to DD1 when she was little and was very sneaky about it too.

there is a bit of an end in sight as the garage is being converted into a flat atm and i cant wait till its finished.

Nope couldn't do it, according to MIL she doesn't have a 3rd Grandchild and she doesn't talk directly to me so I wouldn't last 5 minutes in there
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