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i need to vent...

my freakin mother! me and DH have put DS into a routine by tizzie hall. my mum doesnt agree. we shouldnt wake a sleeping baby for a feed. 'when i had you kids, i NEVER woke you' we should use a dummy 'he likes it... youre being a hitler mum' he's sick (he WASNT) he's tired (he WASNT) im just so frustrated. last night she wanted to babysit him. i agreed... big mistake! she completely disregarded the routine i have him in. she fed him when he wasnt even hungry, just because he was crying (after giving him panadol for no reason)... i dont know what to do. im spineless! i dont want an argument, but she's really stressing me out. what should i do? i dont want to leave him there again. (ive still gotta go pick him up today, so that should be interesting)... please, any advice would be great!

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

You need to tell her you arent happy. Whether she agrees with your method or not she should still have followed your routine.

He is your child and she should respect the methods in which u raise him. You dont need the stress and she needs to know you are not happy.

Good Luck


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