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Want to leave DH but how..... Lock Rss

I have been with my now husband for 9 years and don't think I love him anymore. I have two children to him but no longer want to be with him. To determine if this is how I definately feel I want to leave for a few months and see how I feel then. We own our house and he has always said he will not go.

I am not sure I can afford to rent a 2 bedroom home with my children although I am prepared to try.

I have no idea where to start with this process. Any ideas?

I am just so unhappy here and have wanted to go for a couple of years but something has always kept me here. We also have a business.

Any suggestions?

Lifes full of challenges

hi tammy im so sorry to hear of your situation. although i dont know what you're going through emotionally, my only suggestion is about the financial side of moving out. my advice is to ring centrelink first to find out what you will be entitled to should you leave. (parenting payment, rent assistance, health care card etc) once you know, you will be able to see if you can afford a house/unit. thats the first step. depending how old your children are, you may be able to work part time? sorry i cant be more help

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Tammy,

I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy. I feel for you:(
My suggestions would be: 1( this is proberly a silly one) have you tryed talking with your partner about how you are feeling? or maybe a friend?
2. do you have family living near you? you could proberly stay with them for a couple of months( renting mean you have to stay in the house for6-12 months)
3 If you live in an expencive town, the rent will be high, so looking for a cheaper area will help in re: money, also centrelink will help out( but it may take a couple of weeks to get money because you have a business) there is also bond assistance( through the department of housing) and rent assistance( they can give you upto$250 to help out), and of course theres child support.
If you need any help please email me at [email protected] and i am more then willing to help you.
take care

Cindy,Vic,with 2.5 year old girl

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