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Hi Ladies...

Just seeking some advice -

My husband, DS and I are travelling interstate to catch up with my hubby's family and also attend a gf's wedding.

The day of the wedding we had orignally planned to take our DS to the ceremony and then my hubby would take him back to his mothers (my mother in law) house, help get him ready for bed then come back to the reception.

Now, my gf has decided no kiddies at the ceremony...great! The thing is, it would mean my mother in law would have him from 3pm till probably after midnight. She is in her early 70's and although she loves him dearly and would never intentionally hurt him, my son is hard work. They live on a busy road with no fencing and because we don't live in the same state she has no idea just how quick he is and I worry she won't be able to keep up.

My question we miss the ceremony, and just do the reception that way DS will be inside anyway and she'll have more control over keeping up with him, or do you think I'm being unfair and she'll be fine with him the whole time? I'd tell her to keep him inside if we end up going to the ceremony, but I have a niggling suspicion that she won't listen to me and you don't get a second chance on a busy road where cars don't and can't stop!!

What should I do???
I would leave Bub with your DH and his mother so you can attend the ceremony and have DH join you at the reception. This will ease your mind about everything but still mean you won't miss anything!
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