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Snoring! Rss

Honestly what do you do? I can not deal with it to the point that we now sleep in different beds and have done for a while. Its terrible i feel like i should be able to tolerate it but i just cant, i will lay there awake all night and then be an absolute wreck in the morning coz i have layed there all night getting angrier and angrier that i cant sleep, then it takes a long term toll on me when im not sleeping and i become cranky in general. Its been a huge strain on our relationship and I would love to just be able to go to bed together and snuggle again sad

Surely i can not be the only person this affects in such a big way! Do other woman just learn to live with it?? I dont want to be a couple that sleeps in different!!
Hubby only snores if he on his back. I use to push him and now i pinch his nose or all that fails i wake him up. I try and get him to roll over.
Has your DH/partner seen a doctor about it?
I've told hubby that he needs to stop waking me up. He even tried them strips you put on your nose.
He only snores if he over tired, which is most nights.

like PP, my DF only snores when he is on his back and really really tired.
I either nudge him so he moves, roll him over or wake him gently and tell him hes snoring hard out! lol

I myself am quite a bad snorer. That is due to my air passage not being as open as it should be.
I would defiantly try waking him and telling him to sleep on his side, or just go to the doctor and ask about it.

Push him over and they usually stop haha.. or wake them up and say shut up.. hahaha.. My husband breaths loudly and fast it drives me nutts some nights, I just wake him or push him over and he grumbles sorry baby and starts again hahaha.. I could never tell him to sleep else where he is my teddy bear.. smile But if its that bad go get some unti snore stuff from the chemist.. Dont kick the poor man out of his bed.. sad
If its that bad, you should have him checked for sleep apnoea(?)

Yeah its always worse on his back, and he tends to stop sometimes if he rolls onto his side. Its impossible to wake him sometimes even just to roll over, he sleeps so heavily. I know that his smoking and weight would be contributing, hes not huge but i guess its probably still affecting things. I think we might have to go to the dr and get things checked, i just assumed its something a lot of people deal with but maybe not quite this bad. It totally sucks sad
ohh i hate snoring too! my dp is bad for it after drinking any ammount of alcohol or if he lays on his back. i wake him up everytime it wakes me up! so frustrating as he can get to sleep so quick and it seems to take me forever too.

ohh i hate snoring too! my dp is bad for it after drinking any ammount of alcohol or if he lays on his back. i wake him up everytime it wakes me up! so frustrating as he can get to sleep so quick and it seems to take me forever too.

My DP is exactly the same! Gosh its frustrating! If hes had a few drinks though, it doesnt matter what I do, I can not wake him!

Has he been checked for sleep apnoea (sp?)???

I was at the same point with DH and then suggested that he gets tested and the results were unbelievable, we didn't realise how bad he was.
He goes back next week for another o'nighter to get CPAP settings so hopefully will settle everything.
They reckon that a CPAP makes less noise than having a fan on, so maybe he needs to be checked?
I had the same problem with DP. It got to the point where he slept on a mattress in the lounge room. It was the best thing for us. We both get a good nights sleep and I don't wake him by going to the bathroom half a dozen times and he doesn't wake me with snoring.
He went to an overnight sleep/snore study but the results came back inconclusive. We still sleep in different rooms but it works for us and our relationship. Plus being pregnant I want the entire bed so it's really good for me to have it all to myself! smile

If it is really bad go see a Dr about it. If it's affecting your sleep and relationship then it's best to see a professional before it gets out of hand.

I have my husband and the dog sleeping on the floor both snore so loud, it drives me bonkers. I roll my husband over onto his side, about 10 times a night, that stops it, but sometimes he's so asleep I can't even roll him over, I throw socks at the dog during the night or get up and move his bed a bit to wake him up to stop him snoring. My daughter snores (or breathes not sure what it is yet) so loud sometimes I can even hear that from my room, so its coming at all angles. I used to before kids sleep with ear plugs in that helped but I just can't do it now I have kids, I need to know that I can hear them should they call out. A few times I've slept on the couch but not often. Think its something some of us just have to live with.
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